Best of 2K22 super packs, locker codes available

With just over two weeks until NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 3, they’ve unveiled the best of the 2K22 super packs. These bring the best cards during the season of various promotions. Among them are Galay Opal cards for Stephen Curry and LeBron James, as well as plenty of Pink Diamond player items. Other stars include Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Larry Bird, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Magic Johnson.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 3: The best 2K22 super packs available

The Best of 2K22 Super Packs give players a chance to get many of the best NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 3 Player Cards. Many players are part of the NBA 75th Anniversary promotion, so both editions of their cards are in this version.

They include Steph Curry, LeBron, Kobe, and Giannis. Steph and LeBron are the most recent players to appear in MyTeam with the Galaxy Opal cards. We’ve seen them arrive in recent packs It’s the season around Christmas. So far only a few selected players in the game have them. The includes the Allen Iverson map available to reach level 40 in Season 3 of MyTeam.

Other promotions featuring cards in the Best of 2K22 Super Packs include Dunktober, Signature Series, Flash 4, Alter Ego, and Mystic.

The packs went live on Monday, December 27 and are only available for purchase with virtual currency. A single Deluxe Pack includes a guaranteed Ruby or higher player item and costs 17,500 CV. A box of 10 packs represents 157,500 CV.

The packs will be available until December 31 in MyTeam mode. It is also the last day of the 2K Hoopsmas promotion which offers free daily rewards to MyTeam players.

Two other packs remain active within the Pack Market. These are the ‘Tis The Season and NBA 75 versions that came out last week or so.

Locker Codes Bring Deluxe Packs, Pink Diamond Players

In addition to the super packs, there is also a new locker code to enter for Season 3 of NBA 2K22 MyTeam. The code below gives players a pack. It will either be Alter Ego, Dunktober or Mystic Deluxe packs, or Limited Editions I or II. To get one for free in MyTeam, enter the code: “THE-BEST-OF-NBA-2K22” in the Community Hub or the 2K22 app.

Just a few days ago, 2K blessed MyTeam players with a great locker code that gives a choice to one of the Pink Diamond players who could be drawn from Super Packs. Options include Larry Bird, Nate Thurmond, Clyde Drexler, Jason Kidd, or Moses Malone.

For this, enter the locker code “NBA-75-PINK-DIAMOND” in the appropriate places in NBA 2K22, or the mobile app.

The code above was one of several 2K Christmas locker codes being distributed. Others included free TMs or Tokens, as well as a chance to win a new “This is the Season” pack. Along with this, players must continue to log in every day to claim the free MyTeam Hoopsmas reward. They will be offered every day this week until Saturday January 1, 2022.

For even more information and help, visit VGR’s NBA 2K page here.

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