Ruby games – Boulder Ruby Sun, 05 Dec 2021 08:44:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Ruby games – Boulder Ruby 32 32 Three games, three losses for Dickinson’s men’s hockey Sun, 05 Dec 2021 05:30:00 +0000

A three-goal deficit would prove too difficult to close as the Braves defeated the Midgets 5-2 on Saturday night.

The Midgets’ start to the game was far from ideal, to say the least. Just over a minute into the game, the Braves found the back of the net, thanks to Cole Vietz-Reile for an early 1-0 lead. Midgets head coach Dallas Kuntz wasn’t impressed with the way they started the game.

“The guys weren’t ready to go tonight,” Kuntz said. “After the warm-ups we coaches would talk about the guys who seemed too loose, especially for a game of this magnitude. Bottineau lost last night and they were looking to react. They jumped on us early and often.

Dickinson (0-3-0-0) found his place for the next ten minutes, but would concede another power-play goal, Bottineau-Rugby (1-2-0-0) taking advantage of the additional male advantage of 20 seconds in the power play.

The bleeding didn’t end there as the Braves added a third goal with 3:21 left in the first period, extending their lead to 3-0. The Midgets made a costly turnaround that sparked a Bottineau-Rugby counterattack that they threw themselves into.

Dickinson goalkeeper Jayce Concha was caught in no man’s land, defending a shot to his left but leaving his right side open for the Braves to score their third goal.

But credit the resilience of the Midgets. Much like the Braves did in the first period, Dickinson did the same in the second, scoring within two minutes of the period, coming from junior forward Taylor Giese.

They weren’t done yet. It was the Midgets’ turn to gain a power play later in the period, with their second goal coming off the bat by second-year forward Kasey Stengel.

The penalty shootout statistics were almost identical in the first two periods. After one, the Braves had the 10-9 advantage. After two, Dickinson held a 20-19 advantage.

“I’m not that big on moral wins, but the fact that we reacted and made it a one-goal game, I think we played well in the second,” Kuntz said. “But our departure and arrival were not at all close to where we needed to be.”

Their resilience continued through the early stages of the final period, searching for an equalizing goal. They were on the power play at the start of the period, but came away empty-handed.

Clinging to a 3-2 lead, the Braves scored their fourth goal with 12:51 left in the period, scored by Matt Olson.

Still, the Midgets had time for a final comeback, but their efforts weren’t enough, despite a brief 6-4 advantage on the ice in the dying moments of the game. Bottineu-Rugby’s last goal came with five seconds left.

Dickinson has allowed five goals in each of his first three games. Kuntz said if they want to improve on this side of the ice, it starts with training.

“We have to work hard in training,” Kuntz said. “They have to bring their pale lunch and a helmet (to practice). We will play as we practice. I’ll be honest, our defensive zone in training hasn’t been what it should be and it shows in games.

The Midgets will return home on Tuesday, December 7 for a clash against Bismarck Legacy.

“I think Bottineau beat us and beat us tonight and the score clearly shows that,” said Kuntz.


EDS – 0 2 0, 2

BR-3 0 2, 5

First period

BR – Cole Vietz-Reile, assisted by Eli Bristol and Dalton Vietz-Reile, 1:10, 1-0

BR – Gabe Glasner, assisted by Ethan Siemens and Macen Heisler, 11:20 a.m., 2-0

BR – Heisler, assisted by Matt Olson and Colton Getzlaff, 13:39, 3-0

Second period

DHS – Taylor Giese, assisted by Cole Kadrmas, 1:56, 3-1

DHS – Kasey Stengel, assisted by Ryker Klaman, 8:30 am, 3-2

Third period

BR – Olson, assisted by Heisler and Getzlaff, 4:09, 4-2

BR – C. Veitz-Reile, assisted by Olson, 16:55, 5-2

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The best indie games of 2021, from Splitgate to Garden Story Fri, 03 Dec 2021 01:38:00 +0000

This year has turned out to be a very good year for games, whether it be for Xbox Game Pass, for PlayStation games or for indie games. In particular, we’ve seen a bunch of creative indie games coming out in 2021, from tight shooters like Splitgate to creative and healthy experiences like Garden story.

We’ve listed all of the best indie games of 2021.

The best indie games of 2021

Here are the top indie games that caught our attention in 2021. Note that while this list is dominated by indie games released in 2021, we’ve decided to include games released outside of this year as well. There are many older games that are worth your attention!


Release Date: October 19, 2021

Best favorite of the game of the year. A brilliant mix of horror and card game mechanics. The less you know, the better. – David Smith, Kotaku Australia

Encryption is available on Linux, Mac and Windows computers.

Fall guys: ultimate knockout

Release Date: August 4, 2020

fall guys has remained one of my favorite games for the past year and a half. You would think there are only a limited number of times you can fall for it, but Mediatonic has kept the game fresh with new seasons, challenges, and costume collaborations, so I’m still not bored. with that ! – Lauren Rouse, LifeHacker Australia

Fall guys: ultimate knockout is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PCs, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.


Release Date: August 25, 2021

Splitgate was one of my favorite multiplayer games of 2021 and absolutely my favorite indie game of the year. A low-stake mix between Halo and Portal, free to play with a competition philosophy that is easy to learn but more difficult to master, Splitgate involves multiplayer FPS matches between two teams, with objectives like deathmatch, capture of the flag, and free for all. It is Halo with movement turned up to 10. – Zachariah Kelly, Gizmodo Australia

Splitgate is available on Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PCs, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

Deltarune Chapter 2

Release Date: September 17, 2021

Deltarune Chapter 2 is yet another stellar addition to the Subtitle scenario. It really got me excited for every chapter to come out. Not only does it add more to the story to keep you engaged in the backstory of these characters, but it introduces new characters that are immediately amazing. Spamton and Queen are probably two of my favorite video game characters. – Ruby Innes, Kotaku Australia

Deltarune Chapter 2 is available on Nintendo Switch, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PCs, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Release Date: September 21, 2021

Kena: Bridge of Spirits rules absolutely. With its beautiful Pixar-like art style and easy-to-learn gameplay, Kena: Bridge of Spirits puts you in the shoes of Kena, a magical spirit guide, as she travels through a beautiful land, helping spirits enter the next life. Its gameplay dates back to the days of the PS2 platformer, as Jacques Where Ratchet and Clank. A simple treat that is a total joy. – Zachariah Kelly, Gizmodo Australia

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows computers

The forgotten city

Release Date: July 28, 2021

A time loop game set in ancient Rome, in a city where the violation of any law, even minor, triggers its destruction. If you fail, the city is destroyed and you restart your journey. You learn more about the city and its people with each race, allowing you to slowly push events in a way that helps you. An Australian game, made here in Melbourne at Modern Storyteller. Based on a mod for Skyrim of all things, now integrated into its own complete set. – David Smith, Kotaku Australia

The forgotten city is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PCs, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

Boomerang Fu

Release Date: August 13, 2020

Boomerang Fu is a delicious little co-op game from Australian studio Cranky Watermelon. Released in 2020, this is one of the funniest games I have ever had on a Nintendo Switch and the perfect game to play at a party you just brought your Switch to. The game is played between two and six players who fight over an array of colorful cards, playing like bite-sized food with deadly boomerangs. It’s a ton of fun. – Zachariah Kelly, Gizmodo Australia

Boomerang Fu is available on Nintendo Switch, Windows PCs, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

Garden story

Release Date: August 11, 2021

Garden story was an absolute treat of an independent release this year. A game in which you play as a small grape tasked with being the guardian of the four seasonally themed villages of your kingdom. The gameplay is smooth, the writing is a lot of fun, and everything you collect and achieve seems to spill over into your gameplay, so you are constantly being rewarded. Plus, you can collect hats for the little grape to wear! – Ruby Innes, Kotaku Australia

Garden story is available on Nintendo Switch, Mac and Windows computers.


Release date: November 1, 2021

A delightful little game from the Australian studio Witch Beam, Unpacking is a simple game about … unboxing! Going through some stages of life, this puzzle game is a story about growing up. You may be brought to tears, but overall it’s a very healthy experience. – Zachariah Kelly, Gizmodo Australia

Unpacking is available on Nintendo Switch, Windows PCs, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.


Release Date: August 27, 2021

A lovely and cozy indie game under the Raw Fury label about building a cute little town. Great family game and it just got on Game Pass. – David Smith, Kotaku Australia

Landscaper is available on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Windows computers.

Other indie games worth mentioning

While these are the indie games that grabbed our attention in 2021, there are plenty of other games worth checking out! Sable, The door of death, to the east, Ascension, Little Nightmares II and Valheim all worth a visit if you are looking for your perfect game.

If your favorite is not on the list, let us know in the comments.

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2021 2022 VA Commonwealth Games Indoor Championship Thu, 02 Dec 2021 17:09:16 +0000
Licensed to Heritage High School - VA  HY-TEK's Meet Manager 12/1/2021 10:30 PM
                COMMONWEALTH GAMES INDOORS T&F 2021 - 12/4/2021                
                               Performance List                                
Event 1  Girls 4x800 Meter Relay
     School                                                  Seed           
  1  Louisa County High School  'A'                      10:50.24        
     1) Myers, Maeve                    2) Harris, Kennedy                
     3) Chapman, Caroline               4) Pleasants, Maddox              
  2  Spotswood  'A'                                      11:20.24        
     1) Myers, Taylor                   2) Dickel, Ashland                
     3) Altizer, Ashley                 4) Dickel, Marika                 
  3  New Kent  'A'                                       12:00.00        
     1) Johnson, Madison                2) Ortiz, Natalie                 
     3) Butler, Gabrielle               4) Vick, Lauren                   
  4  Appomattox County High School  'A'                        NT        
     1) Flamm, Morgan                   2) Christian, Dezyre              
     3) Martin, Madison                 4) Perry, Marissa                 
  5  Patrick Henry (Roanoke)  'A'                              NT        
     1) Branscom, Thea                  2) Smeltzer, Elizabeth            
     3) Fox, Skylar                     4) Whittle, Bella                 
Event 2  Boys 4x800 Meter Relay
     School                                                  Seed           
  1  Asheville  'A'                                       8:39.00        
     1) Etheridge, Dalton               2) Haskin, Michael                
     3) Rattigan, Sam                   4) Graham, Finlay                 
  2  Pulaski County  'A'                                  8:40.00        
  3  Spotswood  'A'                                       8:50.05        
     1) McClure, Kasey                  2) Parlee, Jack                   
     3) Lam, Dylan                      4) Heeringa, Ian                  
  4  Fork Union  'A'                                      9:15.00        
     1) Beale, Christian                2) Dasher, Saed                   
     3) Lulseged, Robel                 4) Pretus, Jackson                
  5  Blacksburg High School  'A'                          9:25.00        
     1) Semtner, Louis                  2) Miller, James                  
     3) Tracy, Fenton                   4) Warren, Tyler                  
  6  Asheville  'B'                                       9:25.00        
     1) Kemper, Jeremy                  2) Grein, Jasper                  
     3) Wilker, Theo                    4) Law, Burroughs                 
  7  Heritage (Lynchburg)  'A'                            9:50.00        
     1) Armes, Charles                  2) Blanchette, Jonathan           
     3) Crawford, Michael               4) Jothi, Aran                    
  8  Spotswood  'B'                                      10:15.51        
     1) Salmeron, Kenneth               2) Smallwood, Nate                
     3) Kenee, Peyton                   4) Kramer, Troy                   
  9  Staunton River High School  'A'                           NT        
     1) Baltzelle, Ethan                2) Puente, Samuel                 
     3) Flowers, Asa                    4) Wilkins, Cameron               
 10  Patrick Henry (Roanoke)  'A'                              NT        
     1) Williams, Edward                2) Ericsson, Jack                 
     3) Harmon, Daniel                  4) Kerr, Riley                    
Event 3  Girls 55 Meter Hurdles
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Wills, Mikayla                   Elizabeth Se           8.40        
  2        Deen, Elizabeth                  George Washi           8.96        
  3        Molette, Akera                   Heritage (Ly           9.00        
  4        Szefc, Anna                      Blacksburg H           9.21        
  5        Marquis, Alaina                  Blacksburg H           9.26        
  6      1 McIvor, Kandace                  Jefferson Forest       9.28        
  7        Littlejohn, Mia                  Blacksburg H           9.35        
  8        Massey, Kori                     New Kent               9.46        
  9        Murray, Norah                    New Kent               9.56        
 10        Clark, Tamya                     Heritage (Ly           9.90        
 11        Ngai, Hanna                      Maggie Walke           9.94        
 12        Jones, Zakaria                   Heritage (Ly          10.00        
 13        Buchman, Ara                     New Kent              10.00        
 14        Ward, McKenzie                   Heritage (Ly          10.10        
 15        Smeltzer, Elizabeth              Patrick Henr          10.83        
 16        Vassell, Brittany                Louisa Count          11.22        
 17        Cumins, Kate                     Patrick Henr          11.32        
 18        Carter, Samira                   Louisa Count          11.47        
 19        Anderson, Takiahah               Louisa Count          11.54        
 20        Lewis, Stacia                    E.C. Glass            11.70        
 21        Brown, Kristen                   Patrick Henr             NT        
 22        Story, Key                       Glen Allen H             NT        
 23        Hull, Julia                      E.C. Glass               NT        
 24        Tershak, Elizabeth               Patrick Henr             NT        
 25        Sturek, Paige                    Glen Allen H             NT        
Event 4  Boys 55 Meter Hurdles
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Burel, Isaiah                    Fork Union             8.20        
  2        Penn, John                       Patrick Henr           8.57        
  3        Smith, Ja'mar                    E.C. Glass             8.80        
  4        Mosby, Kymani                    E.C. Glass             8.90        
  5        Wood, Jonathan                   E.C. Glass             8.91        
  6        Wilhoit, Mannix                  Appomattox C           9.28        
  7        Calloway, Colin                  Heritage (Ly           9.75        
  8        Swaringen, James                 Asheville              9.80        
  9        Torbush, Tyler                   Louisa Count          10.24        
 10        Long, Laben                      Asheville             10.50        
 11        Johnson, Noah                    Louisa Count          10.64        
 12        Thompson, Jack                   Blacksburg H             NT        
 13        Harrison, Will                   Blacksburg H             NT        
 14        Drew, Turiq                      Patrick Henr             NT        
 15        Reid, Dante                      Pulaski Coun             NT        
Event 5  Girls 55 Meter Dash
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Oakes, Alaysia                   Heritage (Ly           7.20        
  2        Whidbee, Cameron                 Glen Allen H           7.50        
  3        Hackett, Kelsey                  Appomattox C           7.50        
  4        Virgil, Sanáa                   Elizabeth Se           7.52        
  5        Hathaway, Julia                  New Kent               7.55        
  6        Younger, Courtney                George Washi           7.56        
  7        Paddyfote, Shauna                Patrick Henr           7.57        
  8      1 McIvor, Kandace                  Jefferson Forest       7.61        
  9        Carter, Dezmajia                 Louisa Count           7.68        
 10        Deen, Elizabeth                  George Washi           7.68        
 11        Taylor, Zania                    Elizabeth Se           7.71        
 12        Fyffe, Jada                      Brookville H           7.74        
 13        Salamanca, Franny                Pulaski Coun           7.80        
 14        Porter, Taylor                   Heritage (Ly           7.81        
 15        Socha, Kylan                     Blacksburg H           7.83        
 16        Hayden, Ayonna                   Heritage (Ly           7.85        
 17        King, Trinity                    Orange Count           7.87        
 18        Truehart, Cierra                 Pulaski Coun           7.90        
 19        Bucci, Kaitlin                   Glen Allen H           7.91        
 20        Molette, Akera                   Heritage (Ly           7.92        
 21        Spangler, Melissa                New Kent               7.93        
 22        Dogan, Sadie                     Patrick Henr           7.97        
 23        Forbes, Skylar                   Brookville H           8.00        
 24        Hall, Marianna                   E.C. Glass             8.00        
 25        Riviello, Ryleigh                Glen Allen H           8.00        
 26        Russell, Renya                   E.C. Glass             8.00        
 27        Cropp, Mariah                    Orange Count           8.03        
 28        Bowles, Charlotte                Brookville H           8.03        
 29        Organ, Adrianna                  Heritage (Ly           8.04        
 30        Toms, Jaliyah                    E.C. Glass             8.11        
 31        Fults, Afton                     Maggie Walke           8.13        
 32        Blake, Lauren                    Maggie Walke           8.14        
 33        Hines, Gabrielle                 Maggie Walke           8.14        
 34        Kahoun, Grace                    Patrick Henr           8.15        
 35        Graves, Kaaliyah                 Heritage (Ly           8.15        
 36        Widmer, Anna                     Maggie Walke           8.15        
 37        Ruhland, McKayla                 Brookville H           8.18        
 38        Huffman, Nevaeh                  Heritage (Ly           8.20        
 39        Glover, Sarai                    Appomattox C           8.20        
 40        Lyman, Shai-Anne                 Pulaski Coun           8.20        
 41        Simmons, Peyton                  Glen Allen H           8.23        
 42        Cotman, Erin                     Maggie Walke           8.24        
 43        Saville, Taylor                  Maggie Walke           8.24        
 44        Dewitt, Haley                    Glen Allen H           8.25        
 45        Dike, Natalie                    Glen Allen H           8.25        
 46        Moss, Nyviah                     Glen Allen H           8.25        
 47        Stanton, Christiana              Glen Allen H           8.25        
 48        Blanding, PJ                     Heritage (Ly           8.30        
 49        Arms, Laci                       Pulaski Coun           8.30        
 50        Frias, Azari                     Spotswood              8.34        
 51        Hairston, Jaliyah                Maggie Walke           8.34        
 52        Zier, Maggie                     Blacksburg H           8.39        
 53        Bowman, Mirra                    Blacksburg H           8.39        
 54        Langlinais, Claire               Blacksburg H           8.39        
 55        Sylve, Shalese                   Heritage (Ly           8.40        
 56        Colson, Arianna                  Orange Count           8.42        
 57        Lenkowicz, Zara                  Maggie Walke           8.44        
 58        Collazo, Lis                     Spotswood              8.44        
 59        Hendricks, Jessica               Maggie Walke           8.44        
 60        Toliver, Shaniah                 Heritage (Ly           8.45        
 61        Cumins, Kate                     Patrick Henr           8.47        
 62        David, Angel                     Louisa Count           8.47        
 63        Saunders, Maya                   Heritage (Ly           8.50        
 64        Anderson, Whitney                Appomattox C           8.50        
 65        Lyman, Margie                    Pulaski Coun           8.50        
 66        Phibbs, Sydney                   Pulaski Coun           8.50        
 67        Hill, Bri                        Pulaski Coun           8.50        
 68        Harris, Zoi                      Orange Count           8.52        
 69        Smith, Natalie                   Louisa Count           8.52        
 70        Grooms-Key, Aaryn                Louisa Count           8.53        
 71        Navarro, Dial                    Spotswood              8.54        
 72        Sembello, Lily                   Blacksburg H           8.60        
 73        Beach, Reagen                    New Kent               8.60        
 74        Green, Natalie                   Blacksburg H           8.60        
 75        Garza, Laya                      Blacksburg H           8.60        
 76        Johnson, Melaina                 Glen Allen H           8.60        
 77        Brewer, Sydney                   Maggie Walke           8.64        
 78        Germeroth, Valerie               Brookville H           8.67        
 79        Hanratty, Emma                   Blacksburg H           8.70        
 80        Levison, Elise                   Blacksburg H           8.70        
 81        Addikis, Callia                  Blacksburg H           8.70        
 82        Carter, Courtney                 New Kent               8.70        
 83        Ayivor, Margaret                 Elizabeth Se           8.71        
 84        Scott, Danielle                  Louisa Count           8.78        
 85        Lowe, Becca                      Blacksburg H           8.80        
 86        Haak, Samantha                   Blacksburg H           8.80        
 87        Mutalemwa, Paula                 Elizabeth Se           8.80        
 88        Crowe, Grace                     Blacksburg H           8.80        
 89        Merida, Cristel                  E.C. Glass             8.80        
 90        Holley, Morgan                   Blacksburg H           8.80        
 91        Abrams, Zoie                     Elizabeth Se           8.80        
 92        Costa, Adhana                    Blacksburg H           8.90        
 93        Morris, Krista                   E.C. Glass             8.90        
 94        Warnick, Ruby                    Blacksburg H           8.90        
 95        Richburg, Kyla                   Heritage (Ly           8.99        
 96        Williams, Kennedy                Elizabeth Se           9.00        
 97        Kenealy, Danika                  Elizabeth Se           9.00        
 98        Pruitt, Addison                  Brookville H           9.20        
 99        Foster, Abigail                  Brookville H           9.30        
100        Cacho, Ana                       Spotswood              9.34        
101        Goff, Brianna                    Brookville H          10.04        
102        Johns, Katlyn                    Brookville H          10.83        
103        Teachey, Serena                  Elizabeth Se             NT        
104        Christian, Dezyre                Appomattox C             NT        
105        Wilkerson, Ashley                Elizabeth Se             NT        
106        Lynn, Gretchen                   Brookville H             NT        
107        Litchford, Reaghan               Brookville H             NT        
108        Vandewater, Alyssa               Brookville H             NT        
109        Brown, Kristen                   Patrick Henr             NT        
110        Bowers, Shauna                   Orange Count             NT        
111        Jones-McCullough, Makayla        Glen Allen H             NT        
112        Hale, Mabe                       Patrick Henr             NT        
113        Layne, Jorden                    Appomattox C             NT        
114        Schowalter, Emmy                 Glen Allen H             NT        
115        Johnson, JyKieria                Patrick Henr             NT        
116        Randall-Gaines, Candace          Orange Count             NT        
117        Rogers, Frances                  Brookville H             NT        
118        Gaddy, Aubrie                    Brookville H             NT        
119        Simmons, Britney                 Brookville H             NT        
120        Cropp, Naomi                     Orange Count             NT        
121        Ettare, Arden                    Brookville H             NT        
122        Shelton, Sevrah                  Brookville H             NT        
123        Shelton, Katyiah                 Orange Count             NT        
124        Silvis, Abby                     Glen Allen H             NT        
Event 6  Boys 55 Meter Dash
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Crawford, Kenneth                Heritage (Ly           6.47        
  2        Steele, Zack                     Heritage (Ly           6.54        
  3        Hill-Lewis, Armonte              Pulaski Coun           6.60        
  4        Hubbard, Keshaun                 Heritage (Ly           6.60        
  5        Lyman III, John                  Pulaski Coun           6.60        
  6        Moss, Xavier                     Glen Allen H           6.66        
  7        Johnson, Aaren                   Glen Allen H           6.66        
  8        Belle, Marquis                   Glen Allen H           6.66        
  9        Gulley, JJ                       Pulaski Coun           6.70        
 10        Johnson, Jaidyn                  Heritage (Ly           6.70        
 11        Lundgren, Trevor                 Maggie Walke           6.77        
 12        Taylor, Carmelo                  Patrick Henr           6.79        
 13        Kennedy, Keyontae                Pulaski Coun           6.85        
 14        Sweeney, Aaron                   New Kent               6.87        
 15        Boakye-Boaten, Barfuo            Asheville              6.90        
 16        Burton, Trevor                   Pulaski Coun           6.90        
 17        Reid, Dante                      Pulaski Coun           6.90        
 18        White, Markus                    Heritage (Ly           6.93        
 19        Shimozono, Isaac                 Blacksburg H           6.98        
 20        Graves, Markevus                 E.C. Glass             6.98        
 21        Jones, Brett                     Pulaski Coun           7.00        
 22        Mace, Tanner                     Pulaski Coun           7.00        
 23        Byun, Caleb                      Blacksburg H           7.01        
 24        Ramsey, Grayson                  Maggie Walke           7.04        
 25        Turnage, Tiyun                   Farmville Ce           7.04        
 26        Armistead, Jaylen                Heritage (Ly           7.10        
 27        McGahee, Trevante                Asheville              7.10        
 28        Jones, Zamavion                  E.C. Glass             7.10        
 29        Parker, Zach                     Pulaski Coun           7.10        
 30        Shaw, Noah                       Asheville              7.10        
 31        Woodson, Mesyah                  Heritage (Ly           7.10        
 32        Giambrone, Jamel                 E.C. Glass             7.14        
 33        Sydnor, Markus                   New Kent               7.14        
 34        McCain, Caleb                    E.C. Glass             7.20        
 35        Ruhl, John                       E.C. Glass             7.20        
 36        Rattigan, Sam                    Asheville              7.20        
 37        Calloway, Xavier                 Heritage (Ly           7.20        
 38        Anderson, Tre'Shawn              Heritage (Ly           7.23        
 39        Bowers, Tye                      Brookville H           7.23        
 40        Lowden, Jason                    Glen Allen H           7.23        
 41        Taylor, Angelo                   Heritage (Ly           7.30        
 42        Avery, Joshua                    Asheville              7.30        
 43        Khan, Daanish                    Maggie Walke           7.34        
 44        Chaoul, Julian                   Maggie Walke           7.34        
 45        Foley, Evan                      Blacksburg H           7.35        
 46        Boyle, Luke                      Blacksburg H           7.35        
 47        Brown, Tyshawn                   Heritage (Ly           7.38        
 48        Dillard, Nathan                  E.C. Glass             7.40        
 49        Brown, Kenny                     Heritage (Ly           7.40        
 50        Harrison, Soloman                Asheville              7.40        
 51        Finney, Alfred                   Staunton Riv           7.40        
 52        Ajayi, David                     Blacksburg H           7.40        
 53        Sandidge, Mekhi                  E.C. Glass             7.40        
 54        George, Samuel                   Louisa Count           7.44        
 55        McFall, Connor                   Blacksburg H           7.45        
 56        Thompson, Julian                 Blacksburg H           7.45        
 57        Robinson, Tyson                  Louisa Count           7.45        
 58        Pinn, Jakeb                      Heritage (Ly           7.50        
 59        Dobson, Riley                    Blacksburg H           7.50        
 60        Hunter, Jaiden                   Heritage (Ly           7.50        
 61        Metrey, Eric                     Blacksburg H           7.55        
 62        Shelton, Daniel                  Blacksburg H           7.55        
 63        Lin, Justin                      Blacksburg H           7.55        
 64        Austin, Noah                     Brookville H           7.59        
 65        Dail, Samuel                     Blacksburg H           7.60        
 66        Felton, Connor                   Blacksburg H           7.60        
 67        Lynch, Isaiah                    Heritage (Ly           7.62        
 68        Nicholas, Trent                  Blacksburg H           7.65        
 69        Jackson, Ashton                  Heritage (Ly           7.65        
 70        Maier, Paul                      Blacksburg H           7.65        
 71        Asbrand, Sean                    Blacksburg H           7.75        
 72        Crutchfield, Dominic             Staunton Riv           7.80        
 73        Sicardi, Guillaume               Blacksburg H           7.80        
 74        Sharp, Leo                       Blacksburg H           7.85        
 75        Kopstein, Devon                  E.C. Glass             7.90        
 76        Morgan, Will                     Spotswood              7.94        
 77        Dempsey, Jevon                   E.C. Glass             8.17        
 78        Navarro, Fiell                   Spotswood              8.44        
 79        Sanson, Maxim                    Spotswood              8.54        
 80        Livingston, Tristin              Brookville H           8.81        
 81        Duncan, Ryan                     Spotswood              8.94        
 82        Tamang, Milan                    Patrick Henr             NT        
 83        Tucker, Trenton                  Brookville H             NT        
 84        Tyree, Caidyn                    Brookville H             NT        
 85        Vo, Chrishe                      Patrick Henr             NT        
 86        Wisenyuy, Shawn                  Orange Count             NT        
 87        Wallace, Andrew                  New Kent                 NT        
 88        Thompson, Derek                  Glen Allen H             NT        
 89        Thornton, Gabe                   Glen Allen H             NT        
 90        Duncan, Seth                     Orange Count             NT        
 91        Disse, Marcus                    Orange Count             NT        
 92        Goode, Justin                    Glen Allen H             NT        
 93        Edwards, Haydon                  Asheville                NT        
 94        Craft, Brodey                    Patrick Henr             NT        
 95        Boggs, Cyrus                     Orange Count             NT        
 96        Diggs, Carson                    New Kent                 NT        
 97        Ragalloer, Matthew               Asheville                NT        
 98        Prater, Carlton                  Brookville H             NT        
 99        Stewart, Tiran                   Patrick Henr             NT        
100        Rockecharlie, Thomas             Glen Allen H             NT        
101        Hirsch, Nikodem                  Orange Count             NT        
102        Heffinger, Brandon               New Kent                 NT        
103        Lemus, Cesar                     Patrick Henr             NT        
Event 7  Girls 1600 Meter Run
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Ice, Alexis                      Staunton Riv        5:28.76        
  2        Finch, Mary                      Blacksburg H        5:30.00        
  3        Rogers, Evelyn                   Elizabeth Se        5:30.00        
  4        Thomason, Kennedy                Blacksburg H        5:45.00        
  5        Graham, Hannah                   Southern Ala        5:53.73        
  6        List, Izzy                       Maggie Walke        5:55.14        
  7        Sorg, Sadie                      Glen Allen H        5:56.32        
  8        Velasquez, Elly                  Glen Allen H        5:59.00        
  9        Dickel, Marika                   Spotswood           5:59.95        
 10        Dickel, Ashland                  Spotswood           5:59.95        
 11        Layne, Ella                      E.C. Glass          6:00.00        
 12        Thomason, McKinley               Blacksburg H        6:00.00        
 13        Patterson, Reagan                Heritage (Ly        6:00.90        
 14        Surratt, Riley                   Maggie Walke        6:10.65        
 15        Streeter, Katherine              Maggie Walke        6:13.24        
 16        Martin, Madison                  Appomattox C        6:25.63        
 17        Ghaemmaghami, Lauren             Glen Allen H        6:35.00        
 18        Johnson, Madison                 New Kent            6:35.00        
 19        Swarringim, Brooke               New Kent            6:50.00        
 20        Nguyen, Yelena                   Louisa Count        6:53.52        
 21        Alexander, D'Viyne               Orange Count        7:25.55        
 22        Graham, Sarah                    Southern Ala             NT        
 23        Fox, Skylar                      Patrick Henr             NT        
 24        Lilly, Kadence                   Orange Count             NT        
Event 8  Boys 1600 Meter Run
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Goerlich, Jonathan               Blacksburg H        4:32.00        
  2        Kinder, Garrett                  Pulaski Coun        4:34.00        
  3        Rutherford, Conner               Blacksburg H        4:36.82        
  4        Hull, Evan                       Pulaski Coun        4:37.00        
  5        Hunt, Chasen                     Brookville H        4:42.14        
  6        Hanshew, Thomas                  Pulaski Coun        4:50.00        
  7        Semtner, Louis                   Blacksburg H        4:50.00        
  8        Haskin, Michael                  Asheville           4:54.00        
  9        Kearns, Spencer                  Staunton Riv        4:55.37        
 10        Rajappa, Kavi                    Maggie Walke        4:56.34        
 11        Jain, Rehaan                     Maggie Walke        4:56.54        
 12        Moore, William                   Louisa Count        4:57.15        
 13        Carrier, Aiden                   Blacksburg H        4:59.00        
 14        Ermann, Miles                    Blacksburg H        4:59.00        
 15        Carrier, Miles                   Blacksburg H        4:59.00        
 16        Clevenger, Jacob                 E.C. Glass          5:10.00        
 17        Pretus, Jackson                  Fork Union          5:10.00        
 18        Hoehne, Oliver                   Asheville           5:16.00        
 19        Bandera, Daniel                  Blacksburg H        5:20.00        
 20        Simmers, Carter                  Pulaski Coun        5:20.00        
 21        Weddle, Sam                      Staunton Riv        5:22.14        
 22        Ryder, Kayden                    Staunton Riv        5:22.49        
 23        Mullins, Liam                    Glen Allen H        5:24.69        
 24        Edwards, Haydon                  Asheville           5:26.00        
 25        Myers, Gavin                     Louisa Count        5:27.38        
 26        Bohn, Jason                      E.C. Glass          5:30.00        
 27        Varghese, Mathew                 Glen Allen H        5:31.00        
 28        Doherty, Patrick                 Maggie Walke        5:35.94        
 29        Todd, Landon                     Brookville H        5:40.00        
 30        Morris, Zaiden                   Pulaski Coun        5:45.00        
 31        Neps, Iago                       E.C. Glass          5:45.00        
 32        Hackworth, Sam                   E.C. Glass          5:45.00        
 33        Smallwood, Nate                  Spotswood           5:45.54        
 34        Kenee, Peyton                    Spotswood           5:55.55        
 35        Kramer, Troy                     Spotswood           6:05.05        
 36        Harris, Colby                    Staunton Riv             NT        
 37        Heyman, Alex                     Glen Allen H             NT        
 38        Armes, Charles                   Heritage (Ly             NT        
 39        Arjona, Sean                     Glen Allen H             NT        
 40        Holloway, Luke                   New Kent                 NT        
 41        Weber, Grayson                   Blacksburg H             NT        
 42        Aultice, Andrew                  Heritage (Ly             NT        
 43        Dewire, William                  Patrick Henr             NT        
 44        Washburn, Deland                 Blacksburg H             NT        
 45        Labrum, Trenton                  Orange Count             NT        
 46        Quinones-Partain, Griffin        Heritage (Ly             NT        
 47        Martin, Wyatt                    Patrick Henr             NT        
 48        Perry, Seth                      Patrick Henr             NT        
 49        Roldan, Javier                   Orange Count             NT        
 50        Miller, Christopher              Orange Count             NT        
 51        Kremer, Jaden                    Patrick Henr             NT        
 52        Roldan, Cyris                    Orange Count             NT        
Event 9  Girls 4x200 Meter Relay
     School                                                  Seed           
  1  Elizabeth Seton High School  'A'                     1:50.00        
     1) Austin, Sky                     2) Heiber, Shiane                 
     3) Marshall, Kacey                 4) Virgil, Sanáa                 
  2  Blacksburg High School  'A'                          1:53.00        
     1) Littlejohn, Mia                 2) Krouscas, Sophia               
     3) Socha, Kylan                    4) Zier, Maggie                   
  3  Heritage (Lynchburg)  'A'                            1:54.00        
     1) Hayden, Ayonna                  2) Organ, Adrianna                
     3) Clark, Tamya                    4) Porter, Taylor                 
  4  Louisa County High School  'A'                       1:55.24        
     1) Carter, Dezmajia                2) Jones, Arianna                 
     3) Chandler, Madison               4) Frazier, Cayla                 
  5  New Kent  'A'                                        1:59.00        
     1) Spangler, Melissa               2) Walker, Lauren                 
     3) Beach, Reagen                   4) Murray, Norah                  
  6  Elizabeth Seton High School  'B'                     2:00.00        
     1) Bickerseth, Kendall             2) Phillips, Sydney               
     3) Wills, Mikayla                  4) Taylor, Zania                  
  7  Heritage (Lynchburg)  'B'                            2:00.20        
     1) Richburg, Kyla                  2) Ward, McKenzie                 
     3) Huffman, Nevaeh                 4) Jones, Zakaria                 
  8  Louisa County High School  'B'                       2:00.40        
     1) David, Angel                    2) Smith, Natalie                 
     3) Anderson, Takiahah              4) Vassell, Brittany              
  9  Blacksburg High School  'B'                          2:01.00        
     1) Szefc, Anna                     2) Marquis, Alaina                
     3) Holley, Morgan                  4) Levison, Elise                 
 10  Heritage (Lynchburg)  'C'                            2:05.00        
     1) Graves, Kaaliyah                2) Saunders, Maya                 
     3) Blanding, PJ                    4) Toliver, Shaniah               
 11  Louisa County High School  'C'                       2:05.24        
     1) Grooms-Key, Aaryn               2) Carter, Samira                 
     3) Christmas, Kayla                4) Halcomb, Malaya                
 12  Patrick Henry (Roanoke)  'A'                              NT        
     1) Dogan, Sadie                    2) Biller, Makayla                
     3) Johnson, JyKieria               4) Paddyfote, Shauna              
 13  Pulaski County  'A'                                       NT        
 14  Brookville High School  'A'                               NT        
     1) Bowles, Charlotte               2) Fyffe, Jada                    
     3) Ruhland, McKayla                4) Germeroth, Valerie             
Event 10  Boys 4x200 Meter Relay
     School                                                  Seed           
  1  Pulaski County  'A'                                  1:32.00        
  2  Heritage (Lynchburg)  'A'                            1:32.00        
     1) Johnson, Jaidyn                 2) Crawford, Kenneth              
     3) Hubbard, Keshaun                4) Steele, Zack                   
  3  Asheville  'A'                                       1:35.00        
     1) Boakye-Boaten, Barfuo           2) McGahee, Trevante              
     3) Shaw, Noah                      4) Marshbanks, Carter             
  4  Blacksburg High School  'A'                          1:35.25        
     1) Shimozono, Isaac                2) Hager, Ben                     
     3) McDonald, Dylan                 4) Byun, Caleb                    
  5  Blacksburg High School  'B'                          1:37.00        
     1) Foley, Evan                     2) Thompson, Jack                 
     3) Harrison, Will                  4) Boyle, Luke                    
  6  Pulaski County  'B'                                  1:40.00        
  7  Louisa County High School  'A'                       1:40.24        
     1) Robinson, Tyson                 2) George, Samuel                 
     3) Johnson, Noah                   4) Smith, Anthony                 
  8  Heritage (Lynchburg)  'B'                            1:41.00        
     1) Lynch, Isaiah                   2) Brown, Kenny                   
     3) Calloway, Colin                 4) Woodson, Mesyah                
  9  Asheville  'B'                                       1:43.00        
     1) Harrison, Soloman               2) Cain, Addison                  
     3) Luck, Duggan                    4) Rattigan, Sam                  
 10  Louisa County High School  'B'                       1:44.24        
     1) Paschell, Jonathan              2) Pugh, Aaron                    
     3) Pugh, Hayden                    4) Davenport, Justin              
 11  Heritage (Lynchburg)  'C'                            1:45.00        
     1) Armistead, Jaylen               2) Hunter, Jaiden                 
     3) Pinn, Jakeb                     4) Jackson, Ashton                
 12  Spotswood  'A'                                       1:47.04        
     1) Kim, Kris                       2) Mackey, Conner                 
     3) Atkins, Carter                  4) Morgan, Will                   
 13  Louisa County High School  'C'                       1:48.24        
     1) Henson, Deandre                 2) Johnson, DaShaun               
     3) McGhee, Ethan                   4) Klapak, Jackson                
 14  Patrick Henry (Roanoke)  'A'                              NT        
     1) Penn, John                      2) Vo, Chrishe                    
     3) Craft, Brodey                   4) Taylor, Carmelo                
 15  Brookville High School  'A'                               NT        
     1) Bowers, Tye                     2) Seeney, Christian              
     3) Lai, Yuet                       4) Lloyd, Trey                    
 16  Blacksburg High School  'C'                               NT        
     1) Ajayi, David                    2) McFall, Connor                 
     3) Lin, Justin                     4) Thompson, Julian               
 17  Staunton River High School  'A'                           NT        
     1) Gregory, Malakhi                2) Weddle, Jack                   
     3) McClung, Logan                  4) Cook, Bryce                    
 18  New Kent  'A'                                             NT        
     1) Sweeney, Aaron                  2) Branch, Ellis                  
     3) Heffinger, Brandon              4) Sydnor, Markus                 
Event 11  Girls 500 Meter Run
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Barnes, Emmaree                  George Washi          57.87        
  2        Butler, Gabrielle                New Kent            1:23.94        
  3        Felts, Abigail                   New Kent            1:24.00        
  4        Murray, Norah                    New Kent            1:26.00        
  5        Branscom, Thea                   Patrick Henr        1:26.69        
  6        Hackett, Kelsey                  Appomattox C        1:28.50        
  7        Lee, Grace                       Blacksburg H        1:30.00        
  8        Metz, Madison                    Louisa Count        1:34.45        
  9        Thompson, Lucy                   Maggie Walke        1:34.84        
 10        Chapman, Caroline                Louisa Count        1:35.57        
 11        Altizer, Ashley                  Spotswood           1:35.64        
 12        Syptak, Nicole                   Spotswood           1:36.64        
 13        Dabaghyan, Anna                  Spotswood           1:37.94        
 14        Bedolla, Caroll                  Orange Count        1:39.14        
 15        Williams, Alisha                 Heritage (Ly        1:50.00        
 16        Faria, Sera                      Heritage (Ly        2:00.00        
 17        Dudley, Ella                     Appomattox C             NT        
 18        Perry, Marissa                   Appomattox C             NT        
Event 12  Boys 500 Meter Run
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Turnage, Tiyun                   Farmville Ce          56.32        
  2        Rattigan, Sam                    Asheville           1:11.20        
  3        McClure, Kasey                   Spotswood           1:12.21        
  4        Chenoweth, Roman                 Maggie Walke        1:12.94        
  5        Graham, Finlay                   Asheville           1:14.00        
  6        Sculthorp, Bhaerava              Asheville           1:15.00        
  7        Tharp, Theodore                  E.C. Glass          1:15.00        
  8        Campbell, Cooper                 E.C. Glass          1:16.00        
  9        Crawford, Michael                Heritage (Ly        1:16.00        
 10        Dasher, Saed                     Fork Union          1:16.14        
 11        Dillard, Nathan                  E.C. Glass          1:17.00        
 12        Lewis, Nathan                    Blacksburg H        1:18.19        
 13        Williams, Tashaun                Heritage (Ly        1:19.16        
 14        Grein, Jasper                    Asheville           1:20.00        
 15        Kemp, Patrick                    Maggie Walke        1:20.04        
 16        Kflom, Yafet                     Spotswood           1:21.21        
 17        Lai, Yuet                        Brookville H        1:22.00        
 18        Silvers, Jonah                   Asheville           1:28.00        
 19        Perry, Nick                      Staunton Riv        1:31.15        
 20        Essig, Jack                      Asheville           1:39.00        
 21        Prater, Carlton                  Brookville H        1:40.00        
 22        Painter, Timothy                 Louisa Count        1:44.24        
 23        Stone, Christopher               George Washi       57:00.00        
 24        Campbell, Jon                    New Kent                 NT        
 25        Webb, Aaron                      George Washi             NT        
 26        Turner, Landon                   Pulaski Coun             NT        
 27        Bernhardt, Andrew                Glen Allen H             NT        
 28        Johnson, Jadon                   Pulaski Coun             NT        
 29        Hirsch, Nikodem                  Orange Count             NT        
 30        Johnson, Micah                   Appomattox C             NT        
 31        Sammons, Aiden                   Blacksburg H             NT        
 32        Dewire, William                  Patrick Henr             NT        
 33        Ericsson, Jack                   Patrick Henr             NT        
Event 13  Girls 1000 Meter Run
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Rogers, Evelyn                   Elizabeth Se        3:15.00        
  2        Layne, Ella                      E.C. Glass          3:27.00        
  3        Crumlish, Avery                  Maggie Walke        3:27.24        
  4        Patterson, Reagan                Heritage (Ly        3:28.22        
  5        Myaing, Malanie                  E.C. Glass          3:31.22        
  6        Luna, Mercedes                   Maggie Walke        3:34.14        
  7        Shannon, Natalie                 Maggie Walke        3:34.24        
  8        Abielmona, Alyssa                Glen Allen H        3:35.00        
  9        Lee, Cameron                     Blacksburg H        3:35.00        
 10        Vick, Lauren                     New Kent            3:35.00        
 11        Ghaemmaghami, Jordan             Glen Allen H        3:35.00        
 12        Farley, Mia                      Blacksburg H        3:35.43        
 13        Ruebke, Kate                     Spotswood           3:35.53        
 14        Kennedy, Callie                  Maggie Walke        3:38.94        
 15        Sheils, Carly                    Maggie Walke        3:39.34        
 16        Shields, Lydia                   Maggie Walke        3:39.44        
 17        Ice, Alexis                      Staunton Riv        3:40.00        
 18        Ness, Hannah                     E.C. Glass          3:40.00        
 19        Massey, Kori                     New Kent            3:41.80        
 20        Forlin, Ella                     Maggie Walke        3:44.24        
 21        Ortiz, Natalie                   New Kent            3:45.00        
 22        Wu, Reese                        Maggie Walke        3:45.14        
 23        Martin, Madison                  Appomattox C        3:47.87        
 24        Weil, Caitlin                    Pulaski Coun        3:50.00        
 25        Lester, Nora                     Pulaski Coun        3:50.00        
 26        Nguyen, Yelena                   Louisa Count        4:14.51        
 27        Whittle, Bella                   Patrick Henr             NT        
 28        Graham, Sarah                    Southern Ala             NT        
Event 14  Boys 1000 Meter Run
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Blanchard, Ben                   Maggie Walke        2:41.06        
  2        Hunt, Liam                       E.C. Glass          2:45.00        
  3        Ryder, Kayden                    Staunton Riv        2:47.92        
  4        Kerr, Riley                      Patrick Henr        2:48.86        
  5        Kinder, Garrett                  Pulaski Coun        2:50.00        
  6        Hull, Evan                       Pulaski Coun        2:50.00        
  7        Lam, Dylan                       Spotswood           2:50.05        
  8        Parlee, Jack                     Spotswood           2:50.05        
  9        Hunt, Chasen                     Brookville H        2:50.52        
 10        Lulseged, Robel                  Fork Union          2:52.10        
 11        Beale, Christian                 Fork Union          2:53.00        
 12        Davis, Zach                      Blacksburg H        2:53.24        
 13        Hanshew, Thomas                  Pulaski Coun        2:55.00        
 14        Braun, Jack                      Glen Allen H        2:55.00        
 15        Moore, William                   Louisa Count        2:55.26        
 16        Etheridge, Dalton                Asheville           2:57.00        
 17        Clevenger, Jacob                 E.C. Glass          2:57.76        
 18        Soriano, Taylen                  Louisa Count        2:59.69        
 19        Williams, Edward                 Patrick Henr        3:03.14        
 20        Roldan, Javier                   Orange Count        3:03.44        
 21        Salmeron, Kenneth                Spotswood           3:05.53        
 22        Heeringa, Ian                    Spotswood           3:05.53        
 23        Kearns, Spencer                  Staunton Riv        3:05.66        
 24        Wilkins, Cameron                 Staunton Riv        3:10.00        
 25        Kemper, Jeremy                   Asheville           3:10.00        
 26        Goodman, Charlie                 Maggie Walke        3:11.74        
 27        Simmers, Carter                  Pulaski Coun        3:15.00        
 28        Law, Burroughs                   Asheville           3:15.00        
 29        Lloyd, Tate                      Asheville           3:15.00        
 30        Alley, Hunter                    Pulaski Coun        3:17.00        
 31        Todd, Landon                     Brookville H        3:19.00        
 32        Wilker, Theo                     Asheville           3:20.00        
 33        Morris, Zaiden                   Pulaski Coun        3:30.00        
 34        Doherty, Patrick                 Maggie Walke        3:30.27        
 35        Janssen, Mark                    Maggie Walke        3:37.64        
 36        Jordan, Robert                   Blacksburg H        4:00.00        
 37        Tracy, Fenton                    Blacksburg H             NT        
 38        Warren, Tyler                    Blacksburg H             NT        
 39        Semtner, Louis                   Blacksburg H             NT        
 40        Summers, John                    Orange Count             NT        
 41        Jothi, Aran                      Heritage (Ly             NT        
 42        Jordan, Andrew                   Blacksburg H             NT        
 43        Kendie, Marcos                   Glen Allen H             NT        
 44        Harmon, Daniel                   Patrick Henr             NT        
 45        Blanchette, Jonathan             Heritage (Ly             NT        
 46        Johnson, Micah                   Appomattox C             NT        
 47        Musgrave, Eric                   Orange Count             NT        
 48        Miller, James                    Blacksburg H             NT        
 49        Quinones-Partain, Griffin        Heritage (Ly             NT        
 50        Aultice, Andrew                  Heritage (Ly             NT        
 51        Labrum, Trenton                  Orange Count             NT        
Event 15  Girls 300 Meter Dash
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Oakes, Alaysia                   Heritage (Ly          40.99        
  2      1 McIvor, Kandace                  Jefferson Forest      42.41        
  3        Austin, Sky                      Elizabeth Se          42.57        
  4        Hathaway, Julia                  New Kent              43.23        
  5        Krouscas, Sophia                 Blacksburg H          43.71        
  6        Younger, Courtney                George Washi          43.92        
  7        Armstrong, Jada                  Elizabeth Se          44.00        
  8        Whidbee, Cameron                 Glen Allen H          44.50        
  9        Barnes, Emmaree                  George Washi          44.92        
 10        Salamanca, Franny                Pulaski Coun          45.00        
 11        Beall, Gabriella                 Elizabeth Se          45.00        
 12        Romano, Sam                      Glen Allen H          45.08        
 13        Fyffe, Jada                      Brookville H          45.22        
 14        Russell, Renya                   E.C. Glass            45.60        
 15        Hall, Marianna                   E.C. Glass            45.70        
 16        Romano, Emily                    Glen Allen H          45.80        
 17        Greene, Lindsay                  Elizabeth Se          46.00        
 18        Bucci, Kaitlin                   Glen Allen H          46.16        
 19        Hatchett, Kelsey                 Appomattox C          46.40        
 20        Szefc, Anna                      Blacksburg H          46.82        
 21        Riviello, Ryleigh                Glen Allen H          46.90        
 22        Dewitt, Haley                    Glen Allen H          46.95        
 23        Simmons, Peyton                  Glen Allen H          47.00        
 24        Dike, Natalie                    Glen Allen H          47.00        
 25        Stanton, Christiana              Glen Allen H          47.02        
 26        Sturek, Paige                    Glen Allen H          47.05        
 27        Bowles, Charlotte                Brookville H          47.09        
 28        Littlejohn, Mia                  Blacksburg H          47.50        
 29        Unice, Cameron                   Maggie Walke          47.54        
 30        Truehart, Cierra                 Pulaski Coun          47.72        
 31        Molette, Akera                   Heritage (Ly          47.76        
 32        Blake, Lauren                    Maggie Walke          47.84        
 33        Widmer, Anna                     Maggie Walke          47.94        
 34        Bickerseth, Kendall              Elizabeth Se          48.00        
 35        West, Michaela                   Elizabeth Se          48.00        
 36        Porter, Taylor                   Heritage (Ly          48.36        
 37        Saville, Taylor                  Maggie Walke          48.44        
 38        Zier, Maggie                     Blacksburg H          48.76        
 39        Baker, Kaitlyn                   Maggie Walke          48.84        
 40        Cotman, Erin                     Maggie Walke          48.84        
 41        Moss, Nyviah                     Glen Allen H          48.84        
 42        Thompson, Lucy                   Maggie Walke          48.94        
 43        Lyman, Shai-Anne                 Pulaski Coun          49.00        
 44        Anthony, Morgan                  Elizabeth Se          49.00        
 45        Hines, Gabrielle                 Maggie Walke          49.04        
 46        Ngai, Hanna                      Maggie Walke          49.44        
 47        Johnson, Melaina                 Glen Allen H          49.50        
 48        Lenkowicz, Zara                  Maggie Walke          49.64        
 49        Dogan, Sadie                     Patrick Henr          49.65        
 50        Fults, Afton                     Maggie Walke          49.84        
 51        Hendricks, Jessica               Maggie Walke          49.94        
 52        Abrams, Zoie                     Elizabeth Se          50.00        
 53        Hayden, Ayonna                   Heritage (Ly          50.00        
 54        Jamison, Sahmeah                 Maggie Walke          50.04        
 55        Brewer, Sydney                   Maggie Walke          50.04        
 56        Walker, Lauren                   New Kent              50.83        
 57        Sembello, Lily                   Blacksburg H          51.00        
 58        Langlinais, Claire               Blacksburg H          51.00        
 59        Beach, Reagen                    New Kent              51.20        
 60        Organ, Adrianna                  Heritage (Ly          51.50        
 61        Lester, Nora                     Pulaski Coun          52.00        
 62        Phibbs, Sydney                   Pulaski Coun          52.00        
 63        Mutalemwa, Paula                 Elizabeth Se          52.00        
 64        Lyman, Margie                    Pulaski Coun          52.00        
 65        Kenealy, Danika                  Elizabeth Se          52.00        
 66        Hill, Bri                        Pulaski Coun          52.00        
 67        Bowman, Mirra                    Blacksburg H          52.01        
 68        Richburg, Kyla                   Heritage (Ly          52.29        
 69        Clark, Tamya                     Heritage (Ly          52.50        
 70        Germeroth, Valerie               Brookville H          52.75        
 71        Levison, Elise                   Blacksburg H          52.80        
 72        Frias, Azari                     Spotswood             52.94        
 73        Lowe, Becca                      Blacksburg H          53.20        
 74        Green, Natalie                   Blacksburg H          53.50        
 75        Graves, Kaaliyah                 Heritage (Ly          53.50        
 76        Christmas, Kayla                 Louisa Count          53.64        
 77        Huffman, Nevaeh                  Heritage (Ly          53.75        
 78        Blanding, PJ                     Heritage (Ly          54.00        
 79        Haak, Samantha                   Blacksburg H          54.10        
 80        Hanratty, Emma                   Blacksburg H          54.20        
 81        Ruhland, McKayla                 Brookville H          54.94        
 82        Cornelius, Karly                 New Kent              55.00        
 83        Weil, Caitlin                    Pulaski Coun          55.10        
 84        Saunders, Maya                   Heritage (Ly          55.50        
 85        Costa, Adhana                    Blacksburg H          55.70        
 86        Navarro, Dial                    Spotswood             55.94        
 87        Holley, Morgan                   Blacksburg H          56.00        
 88        Toliver, Shaniah                 Heritage (Ly          56.00        
 89        Addikis, Callia                  Blacksburg H          56.04        
 90        Sylve, Shalese                   Heritage (Ly          56.25        
 91        Ward, McKenzie                   Heritage (Ly          56.50        
 92        Collazo, Lis                     Spotswood             56.94        
 93        Williams, Alisha                 Heritage (Ly          58.00        
 94        Hopkins, Tanner                  Louisa Count          58.24        
 95        Foust, Hannah                    Brookville H          58.25        
 96        Cacho, Ana                       Spotswood             59.95        
 97        Pruitt, Addison                  Brookville H        1:06.50        
 98        Johns, Katlyn                    Brookville H        1:10.04        
 99        Glover, Sarai                    Appomattox C             NT        
100        Rogers, Frances                  Brookville H             NT        
101        Gaddy, Aubrie                    Brookville H             NT        
102        Biller, Makayla                  Patrick Henr             NT        
103        Jones-McCullough, Makayla        Glen Allen H             NT        
104        Harris, Zion                     Orange Count             NT        
105        Goff, Brianna                    Brookville H             NT        
106        Hale, Mabe                       Patrick Henr             NT        
107        Cropp, Naomi                     Orange Count             NT        
108        Schowalter, Emmy                 Glen Allen H             NT        
109        Ettare, Arden                    Brookville H             NT        
110        Silvis, Abby                     Glen Allen H             NT        
111        Shelton, Sevrah                  Brookville H             NT        
112        Brown, Kristen                   Patrick Henr             NT        
113        Vandewater, Alyssa               Brookville H             NT        
114        Foster, Abigail                  Brookville H             NT        
115        Christian, Dezyre                Appomattox C             NT        
Event 16  Boys 300 Meter Dash
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Turnage, Tiyun                   Farmville Ce          25.09        
  2        Giambrone, Jamel                 E.C. Glass            30.70        
  3        Hager, Ben                       Blacksburg H          36.68        
  4        Ellen, Kody                      Glen Allen H          37.00        
  5        Smith, Ja'mar                    E.C. Glass            37.20        
  6        Crawford, Kenneth                Heritage (Ly          37.35        
  7        Hill-Lewis, Armonte              Pulaski Coun          37.56        
  8        Moss, Xavier                     Glen Allen H          37.73        
  9        Gallavan, Brett                  Glen Allen H          38.00        
 10        Lyman III, John                  Pulaski Coun          38.00        
 11        Reid, Dante                      Pulaski Coun          38.00        
 12        Kennedy, Keyontae                Pulaski Coun          38.00        
 13        Kirker, Camden                   Glen Allen H          38.00        
 14        Jones, Zamavion                  E.C. Glass            38.10        
 15        Macklin, Logan                   Glen Allen H          38.10        
 16        Belle, Marquis                   Glen Allen H          38.20        
 17        Smith, Anthony                   Louisa Count          38.45        
 18        Lundgren, Trevor                 Maggie Walke          38.84        
 19        Boakye-Boaten, Barfuo            Asheville             38.90        
 20        Steele, Zack                     Heritage (Ly          39.00        
 21        Hubbard, Keshaun                 Heritage (Ly          39.12        
 22        Seeney, Christian                Brookville H          39.14        
 23        Ramsey, Grayson                  Maggie Walke          39.22        
 24        Wesolowski, Brent                Brookville H          39.41        
 25        Mulder, Christopher              Fork Union            39.50        
 26        Lowden, Jason                    Glen Allen H          39.52        
 27        Thornton, Gabe                   Glen Allen H          39.64        
 28        Branch, Ellis                    New Kent              39.88        
 29        Thompson, Jack                   Blacksburg H          39.99        
 30        Johnson, Jaidyn                  Heritage (Ly          40.00        
 31        Mace, Tanner                     Pulaski Coun          40.00        
 32        Jones, Brett                     Pulaski Coun          40.00        
 33        Johnson, Jadon                   Pulaski Coun          40.00        
 34        Burton, Trevor                   Pulaski Coun          40.00        
 35        Burel, Isaiah                    Fork Union            40.00        
 36        Parker, Zach                     Pulaski Coun          40.00        
 37        Marshbanks, Carter               Asheville             40.00        
 38        Finney, Alfred                   Staunton Riv          40.00        
 39        Campbell, Cooper                 E.C. Glass            40.10        
 40        McDonald, Dylan                  Blacksburg H          40.21        
 41        Heffinger, Brandon               New Kent              40.30        
 42        Sydnor, Markus                   New Kent              40.35        
 43        Khan, Daanish                    Maggie Walke          40.44        
 44        Lewis, Nathan                    Blacksburg H          40.69        
 45        Atkins, Carter                   Spotswood             40.84        
 46        Byun, Caleb                      Blacksburg H          40.84        
 47        Turner, Landon                   Pulaski Coun          41.00        
 48        Crutchfield, Dominic             Staunton Riv          41.00        
 49        Kopstein, Devon                  E.C. Glass            41.20        
 50        Campbell, Jon                    New Kent              41.20        
 51        McCain, Caleb                    E.C. Glass            41.30        
 52        Dillard, Nathan                  E.C. Glass            41.40        
 53        Calloway, Xavier                 Heritage (Ly          41.48        
 54        Jenkins, William                 Blacksburg H          41.50        
 55        Ruhl, John                       E.C. Glass            41.50        
 56        Harrison, Will                   Blacksburg H          41.50        
 57        Cain, Addison                    Asheville             41.80        
 58        Ennis, Camden                    Maggie Walke          41.84        
 59        Ackerman, Carter                 Blacksburg H          41.96        
 60        Luck, Duggan                     Asheville             42.00        
 61        Dobson, Riley                    Blacksburg H          42.00        
 62        Bowers, Tye                      Brookville H          42.27        
 63        Chaoul, Julian                   Maggie Walke          42.49        
 64        McFall, Connor                   Blacksburg H          42.50        
 65        Dempsey, Jevon                   E.C. Glass            42.60        
 66        Brown, Tyshawn                   Heritage (Ly          42.94        
 67        Felton, Connor                   Blacksburg H          43.50        
 68        Metrey, Eric                     Blacksburg H          43.50        
 69        Shelton, Daniel                  Blacksburg H          43.50        
 70        Lin, Justin                      Blacksburg H          43.50        
 71        Woodson, Mesyah                  Heritage (Ly          43.50        
 72        Kim, Kris                        Spotswood             43.94        
 73        Cook, Bryce                      Staunton Riv          43.99        
 74        Dail, Samuel                     Blacksburg H          44.00        
 75        Nicholas, Trent                  Blacksburg H          44.00        
 76        Maier, Paul                      Blacksburg H          44.00        
 77        McClung, Logan                   Staunton Riv          44.35        
 78        Armistead, Jaylen                Heritage (Ly          44.50        
 79        Henson, Deandre                  Louisa Count          44.84        
 80        Karami, Ryan                     Maggie Walke          45.04        
 81        Williams, Tashaun                Heritage (Ly          45.11        
 82        Sharp, Leo                       Blacksburg H          45.50        
 83        Sicardi, Guillaume               Blacksburg H          45.50        
 84        Calloway, Colin                  Heritage (Ly          46.00        
 85        Austin, Noah                     Brookville H          46.00        
 86        Brown, Kenny                     Heritage (Ly          46.50        
 87        Lynch, Isaiah                    Heritage (Ly          46.52        
 88        Johnson, Mark                    Orange Count          46.62        
 89        McGhee, Ethan                    Louisa Count          47.24        
 90        Lohr, Bodie                      Spotswood             47.44        
 91        Morgan, Will                     Spotswood             47.44        
 92        Pinn, Jakeb                      Heritage (Ly          47.75        
 93        Taylor, Angelo                   Heritage (Ly          48.00        
 94        Johnson, DaShaun                 Louisa Count          48.24        
 95        Hunter, Jaiden                   Heritage (Ly          48.25        
 96        Alley, Hunter                    Pulaski Coun          48.55        
 97        Jackson, Ashton                  Heritage (Ly          49.50        
 98        Klapak, Jackson                  Louisa Count          49.84        
 99        Duncan, Seth                     Orange Count          51.64        
100        Prater, Carlton                  Brookville H          57.73        
101        Thompson, Derek                  Glen Allen H             NT        
102        Tucker, Trenton                  Brookville H             NT        
103        Tyree, Caidyn                    Brookville H             NT        
104        Lemus, Cesar                     Patrick Henr             NT        
105        Johnson, Micah                   Appomattox C             NT        
106        Livingston, Tristin              Brookville H             NT        
107        Goode, Justin                    Glen Allen H             NT        
108        Disse, Marcus                    Orange Count             NT        
109        Johnson, Aaren                   Glen Allen H             NT        
110        Stewart, Tiran                   Patrick Henr             NT        
111        Roldan, Cyris                    Orange Count             NT        
112        Tamang, Milan                    Patrick Henr             NT        
113        Ramsey, Conner                   Appomattox C             NT        
114        Penn, Bryce                      Patrick Henr             NT        
115        Rockecharlie, Thomas             Glen Allen H             NT        
Event 17  Girls 3200 Meter Run
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Myers, Taylor                    Spotswood          11:30.24        
  2        Jones, Mia                       Blacksburg H       11:34.40        
  3        Bradbury, Reese                  Blacksburg H       11:40.00        
  4        Garrison, Catherine              Maggie Walke       11:40.24        
  5        Luczak, Brenna                   Maggie Walke       12:04.39        
  6        Phillips, Allyson                Maggie Walke       12:10.24        
  7        McDonald, Allie                  Blacksburg H       12:20.15        
  8        Woods, Kirsten                   Blacksburg H       12:30.00        
  9        Harris, Kennedy                  Louisa Count       12:41.85        
 10        Hudgins, Dulaney                 Blacksburg H       13:30.16        
 11        Wallace, Julia                   Blacksburg H       13:30.99        
 12        Martin, Madison                  Appomattox C       13:48.99        
 13        Rascher, Lily                    Blacksburg H       14:02.26        
 14        Hawley, Magan                    Staunton Riv       14:29.36        
 15        Graham, Hannah                   Southern Ala             NT        
Event 18  Boys 3200 Meter Run
           Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1        Emmert, Nicholas                 Louisa Count        9:48.39        
  2        Roberts, Ben                     Maggie Walke       10:23.64        
  3        Haskin, Michael                  Asheville          10:25.00        
  4        Lowry, Johnny                    Blacksburg H       10:36.49        
  5        Davenport, Caiden                Louisa Count       10:36.82        
  6        Goerlich, Jonathan               Blacksburg H       10:46.22        
  7        Johnson, Keith                   Staunton Riv       10:53.68        
  8        Weddle, Sam                      Staunton Riv       10:55.24        
  9        Rutherford, Conner               Blacksburg H       10:55.81        
 10        Tracy, Harrison                  Blacksburg H       11:09.68        
 11        Paye, Gavin                      Blacksburg H       11:29.47        
 12        Hoehne, Oliver                   Asheville          11:55.00        
 13        Chewing, Ben                     Staunton Riv       12:30.00        
 14        Frankel, Oliver                  Maggie Walke       12:32.33        
 15        Neuwirth, Jonah                  Maggie Walke       12:33.24        
 16        Faust, Tyler                     Orange Count       13:03.94        
 17        Whitfield, Harrison              Blacksburg H             NT        
Event 19  Girls 4x400 Meter Relay
     School                                                  Seed           
  1  Elizabeth Seton High School  'B'                     4:20.00        
     1) Heiber, Shiane                  2) Greene, Lindsay                
     3) Anthony, Morgan                 4) Williams, Kennedy              
  2  Elizabeth Seton High School  'A'                     4:20.00        
     1) Beall, Gabriella                2) Armstrong, Jada                
     3) West, Michaela                  4) Rogers, Evelyn                 
  3  Blacksburg High School  'A'                          4:25.00        
     1) Socha, Kylan                    2) Fugate, Amy                    
     3) Kehlenbeck, Katja               4) Krouscas, Sophia               
  4  Louisa County High School  'A'                       4:32.24        
     1) Chandler, Madison               2) Jones, Arianna                 
     3) Frazier, Cayla                  4) Pleasants, Maddox              
  5  Heritage (Lynchburg)  'A'                            4:45.00        
     1) Williams, Alisha                2) Patterson, Reagan              
     3) Faria, Sera                     4) Jones, Zakaria                 
  6  Spotswood  'A'                                       4:54.54        
     1) Altizer, Ashley                 2) Syptak, Nicole                 
     3) Ruebke, Kate                    4) Dabaghyan, Anna                
  7  Blacksburg High School  'C'                          4:55.00        
     1) Lee, Cameron                    2) Thomason, Kennedy              
     3) Thomason, McKinley              4) Woods, Kirsten                 
  8  Blacksburg High School  'B'                          4:55.00        
     1) Lee, Grace                      2) Farley, Mia                    
     3) Bradbury, Reese                 4) Finch, Mary                    
  9  Louisa County High School  'B'                       4:56.24        
     1) Ryan, Hannah                    2) Pleasants, Bennett             
     3) David, Angel                    4) Christmas, Kayla               
 10  Patrick Henry (Roanoke)  'A'                              NT        
     1) Tershak, Elizabeth              2) Branscom, Thea                 
     3) Smeltzer, Elizabeth             4) Biller, Makayla                
 11  Pulaski County  'A'                                       NT        
 12  Appomattox County High School  'A'                        NT        
     1) Christian, Dezyre               2) Glover, Sarai                  
     3) Flamm, Morgan                   4) Dudley, Ella                   
Event 20  Boys 4x400 Meter Relay
     School                                                  Seed           
  1  Glen Allen High School  'A'                          3:33.53        
     1) Gallavan, Brett                 2) Macklin, Logan                 
     3) Ellen, Kody                     4) Kirker, Camden                 
  2  Asheville  'A'                                       3:38.00        
     1) Boakye-Boaten, Barfuo           2) Rattigan, Sam                  
     3) Graham, Finlay                  4) Sculthorp, Bhaerava            
  3  Blacksburg High School  'A'                          3:38.00        
     1) McDonald, Dylan                 2) Davis, Zach                    
     3) Lewis, Nathan                   4) Hager, Ben                     
  4  Pulaski County  'A'                                  3:40.00        
  5  Spotswood  'A'                                       3:50.05        
     1) Atkins, Carter                  2) McClure, Kasey                 
     3) Mackey, Conner                  4) Lam, Dylan                     
  6  Blacksburg High School  'B'                          3:55.00        
     1) Jenkins, William                2) Paye, Gavin                    
     3) Sammons, Aiden                  4) Miller, James                  
  7  Asheville  'B'                                       3:59.00        
     1) Etheridge, Dalton               2) Grein, Jasper                  
     3) Luck, Duggan                    4) Wilker, Theo                   
  8  Louisa County High School  'A'                       3:59.24        
     1) Pugh, Aaron                     2) Pugh, Hayden                   
     3) Paschell, Jonathan              4) George, Samuel                 
  9  Heritage (Lynchburg)  'A'                            4:00.00        
     1) Blanchette, Jonathan            2) Jothi, Aran                    
     3) Armes, Charles                  4) Crawford, Michael              
 10  Spotswood  'B'                                       4:15.54        
     1) Kim, Kris                       2) Heeringa, Ian                  
     3) Salmeron, Kenneth               4) Smallwood, Nate                
 11  Blacksburg High School  'C'                          4:20.00        
     1) Carrier, Miles                  2) Bandera, Daniel                
     3) Carrier, Aiden                  4) Ermann, Miles                  
 12  Blacksburg High School  'D'                          4:40.00        
     1) Jordan, Robert                  2) Jordan, Andrew                 
     3) Washburn, Deland                4) Weber, Grayson                 
 13  Spotswood  'C'                                       4:45.54        
     1) Lohr, Bodie                     2) Kenee, Peyton                  
     3) Kramer, Troy                    4) Kflom, Yafet                   
 14  Brookville High School  'A'                               NT        
     1) Hunt, Chasen                    2) Seeney, Christian              
     3) Lai, Yuet                       4) Wesolowski, Brent              
 15  Patrick Henry (Roanoke)  'A'                              NT        
     1) Williams, Edward                2) Kerr, Riley                    
     3) Penn, Bryce                     4) Lemus, Cesar                   
 16  Asheville  'C'                                            NT        
     1) Lloyd, Tate                     2) Essig, Jack                    
     3) Kemper, Jeremy                  4) Banks-Tennant, Xavier          
 17  Appomattox County High School  'A'                        NT        
 18  Staunton River High School  'A'                           NT        
     1) Gregory, Malakhi                2) Finney, Alfred                 
     3) Weddle, Jack                    4) Ryder, Kayden                  
 19  Pulaski County  'B'                                       NT        
Event 21  Girls Pole Vault
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1        Baham, Meredith                  Glen Allen H       13-00.00        
  2        Romano, Emily                    Glen Allen H       12-06.00        
  3        Romano, Sam                      Glen Allen H       11-06.00        
  4        Baker, Kaitlyn                   Maggie Walke       11-00.00        
  5        Pietruszkiewicz, Morgan          Glen Allen H       10-06.00        
  6        Zier, Maggie                     Blacksburg H        9-06.00        
  7        Unice, Cameron                   Maggie Walke        8-06.00        
  8        Rudolph, Amy                     New Kent            8-06.00        
  9        Ryan, Hannah                     Louisa Count        7-06.00        
 10        Belleville, Lily                 Blacksburg H        7-06.00        
 11        York, Meagan                     New Kent            7-00.00        
 12        Flamm, Morgan                    Appomattox C        7-00.00        
 13        Hendricks, Jessica               Maggie Walke        7-00.00        
 14        Ruhland, McKayla                 Brookville H        6-06.00        
 15        Pleasants, Bennett               Louisa Count        6-06.00        
 16        Montgomery, Abigail              Maggie Walke        5-06.00        
 17        Garza, Laya                      Blacksburg H             NH        
 18        Anderson, Whitney                Appomattox C             NH        
 19        Witten, Katie                    Patrick Henr             NH        
Event 22  Boys Pole Vault
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1        Meadows, Isaac                   Asheville          13-00.00        
  2        Kirker, Camden                   Glen Allen H       12-01.50        
  3        Miller, Landon                   Asheville          11-06.00        
  4        Cash, Lucas                      Louisa Count       11-06.00        
  5        Godfrey, Donovan                 Asheville          11-00.00        
  6        Torbush, Tyler                   Louisa Count       10-06.00        
  7        Fulcher, Blake                   Appomattox C       10-06.00        
  8        Demorro, Gavin                   Fork Union         10-03.00        
  9        Sydnor, Markus                   New Kent           10-00.00        
 10        Robeson, Matt                    Asheville           9-06.00        
 11        Ramsey, Conner                   Appomattox C        9-00.00        
 12        Davenport, Justin                Louisa Count        9-00.00        
 13        McDonald, Dylan                  Blacksburg H        8-06.00        
 14        Ambrose, Linden                  Blacksburg H        8-00.00        
 15        Silvers, Jonah                   Asheville           7-00.00        
 16        Newton, Quincy                   Asheville                NH        
 17        Goldschmidt, Henry               Blacksburg H             NH        
Event 23  Girls High Jump
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1        Colson, Arianna                  Orange Count        5-00.00        
  2        Kehlenbeck, Katja                Blacksburg H        4-10.00        
  3        Sylve, Shalese                   Heritage (Ly        4-08.00        
  4        Massey, Kori                     New Kent            4-08.00        
  5        Hendricks, Jessica               Maggie Walke        4-06.00        
  6        Lenkowicz, Zara                  Maggie Walke        4-06.00        
  7        Walker, Lauren                   New Kent            4-06.00        
  8        Whidbee, Cameron                 Glen Allen H        4-06.00        
  9        Molette, Akera                   Heritage (Ly        4-06.00        
 10        Ngai, Hanna                      Maggie Walke        4-06.00        
 11        Butler, Christiana               Glen Allen H        4-06.00        
 12        Toliver, Shaniah                 Heritage (Ly        4-04.00        
 13        Saville, Taylor                  Maggie Walke        4-04.00        
 14        Johnson, Melaina                 Glen Allen H        4-04.00        
 15        Dabaghyan, Anna                  Spotswood           4-02.00        
 16        Ruebke, Kate                     Spotswood           4-00.00        
 17        Cregger, Courtney                Pulaski Coun             NH        
 18        Salamanca, Franny                Pulaski Coun             NH        
 19        Tershak, Elizabeth               Patrick Henr             NH        
 20        Arms, Laci                       Pulaski Coun             NH        
 21        Szefc, Anna                      Blacksburg H             NH        
 22        Glover, Sarai                    Appomattox C             NH        
 23        Foster, Abigail                  Brookville H             NH        
 24        Hull, Julia                      E.C. Glass               NH        
 25        Hackett, Kelsey                  Appomattox C             NH        
 26        Perry, Marissa                   Appomattox C             NH        
 27        Phillips, Sydney                 Elizabeth Se             NH        
 28        Dudley, Ella                     Appomattox C             NH        
Event 24  Boys High Jump
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1        Gulley, JJ                       Pulaski Coun        6-04.00        
  2        Lloyd, Trey                      Brookville H        6-04.00        
  3        Carter, Jaden                    Fork Union          6-00.00        
  4        Womack, Philip                   Glen Allen H        6-00.00        
  5        Lyman III, John                  Pulaski Coun        6-00.00        
  6        Branch, Ellis                    New Kent            5-10.00        
  7        Mackey, Conner                   Spotswood           5-10.00        
  8        Hill-Lewis, Armonte              Pulaski Coun        5-06.00        
  9        Kennedy, Keyontae                Pulaski Coun        5-06.00        
 10        Brown, Tyshawn                   Heritage (Ly        5-06.00        
 11        Wilhoit, Mannix                  Appomattox C        5-06.00        
 12        Mosby, Kymani                    E.C. Glass          5-04.00        
 13        Ramsey, Conner                   Appomattox C             NH        
 14        Rattigan, Max                    Asheville                NH        
 15        Thompson, Jack                   Blacksburg H             NH        
 16        Swaringen, James                 Asheville                NH        
 17        Tucker, Elijah                   Heritage (Ly             NH        
 18        Rehmel, Banyan                   Asheville                NH        
 19        Banks, Carter                    Heritage (Ly             NH        
 20        Booker-Felder, Kenai             Heritage (Ly             NH        
 21        Ackerman, Carter                 Blacksburg H             NH        
 22        Armistead, Jaylen                Heritage (Ly             NH        
 23        Penn, John                       Patrick Henr             NH        
 24        Ragalloer, Matthew               Asheville                NH        
 25        Johnson, Micah                   Appomattox C             NH        
 26        Long, Laben                      Asheville                NH        
Event 25  Girls Long Jump
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1        Oakes, Alaysia                   Heritage (Ly       19-03.50        
  2        Deen, Elizabeth                  George Washi       18-04.50        
  3        Carter, Dezmajia                 Louisa Count       17-02.75        
  4        Virgil, Sanáa                   Elizabeth Se       16-11.00        
  5        Hathaway, Julia                  New Kent           16-06.00        
  6        Bowles, Charlotte                Brookville H       16-06.00        
  7        Marshall, Kacey                  Elizabeth Se       16-03.00        
  8        Spangler, Melissa                New Kent           16-02.50        
  9        Paddyfote, Shauna                Patrick Henr       15-10.75        
 10        Socha, Kylan                     Blacksburg H       15-07.75        
 11        Fults, Afton                     Maggie Walke       15-07.50        
 12        Fyffe, Jada                      Brookville H       15-06.50        
 13        Hayden, Ayonna                   Heritage (Ly       15-05.00        
 14        Organ, Adrianna                  Heritage (Ly       15-00.00        
 15        Frias, Azari                     Spotswood          14-08.50        
 16        Porter, Taylor                   Heritage (Ly       14-05.00        
 17        Molette, Akera                   Heritage (Ly       14-03.00        
 18        Colson, Arianna                  Orange Count       14-01.50        
 19        Carter, Courtney                 New Kent           14-00.00        
 20        Loveland, Makenzie               New Kent           14-00.00        
 21        Greenwalt, Fallon                New Kent           14-00.00        
 22        Butler, Gabrielle                New Kent           14-00.00        
 23        Buchman, Ara                     New Kent           14-00.00        
 24        Harris, Zoi                      Orange Count       13-11.00        
 25        Taylor, Zania                    Elizabeth Se       13-10.00        
 26        Vassell, Brittany                Louisa Count       13-06.00        
 27        David, Angel                     Louisa Count       13-02.00        
 28        Richburg, Kyla                   Heritage (Ly       13-02.00        
 29        Jones, Zakaria                   Heritage (Ly       13-00.00        
 30        Anderson, Takiahah               Louisa Count       13-00.00        
 31        Grooms-Key, Aaryn                Louisa Count       12-10.00        
 32        Huffman, Nevaeh                  Heritage (Ly       12-06.00        
 33        Saunders, Maya                   Heritage (Ly       12-00.00        
 34        Graves, Kaaliyah                 Heritage (Ly       12-00.00        
 35        Clark, Tamya                     Heritage (Ly       12-00.00        
 36        Toliver, Shaniah                 Heritage (Ly       12-00.00        
 37        Truehart, Cierra                 Pulaski Coun       11-11.00        
 38        Williams, Alisha                 Heritage (Ly       10-00.00        
 39        Simmons, Britney                 Brookville H             ND        
 40        Shelton, Katyiah                 Orange Count             ND        
 41        Sembello, Lily                   Blacksburg H             ND        
 42        Hatchett, Kelsey                 Appomattox C             ND        
 43        Anderson, Whitney                Appomattox C             ND        
 44        Bedolla, Caroll                  Orange Count             ND        
 45        Arms, Laci                       Pulaski Coun             ND        
 46        Cregger, Courtney                Pulaski Coun             ND        
 47        Lyman, Shai-Anne                 Pulaski Coun             ND        
 48        Fugate, Amy                      Blacksburg H             ND        
 49        Johnson, JyKieria                Patrick Henr             ND        
 50        Glover, Sarai                    Appomattox C             ND        
 51        Ruhland, McKayla                 Brookville H             ND        
 52        Randall-Gaines, Candace          Orange Count             ND        
 53        Salamanca, Franny                Pulaski Coun             ND        
 54        Cropp, Naomi                     Orange Count             ND        
 55        Bowman, Mirra                    Blacksburg H             ND        
Event 26  Boys Long Jump
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1        Lloyd, Trey                      Brookville H       23-00.00        
  2        Hill-Lewis, Armonte              Pulaski Coun       21-07.00        
  3        Steele, Zack                     Heritage (Ly       21-05.50        
  4        Lyman III, John                  Pulaski Coun       21-03.00        
  5        Gulley, JJ                       Pulaski Coun       21-01.00        
  6        Lundgren, Trevor                 Maggie Walke       20-09.25        
  7        Brown, Darius                    Heritage (Ly       20-06.00        
  8        Shaw, Noah                       Asheville          20-02.00        
  9        White, Markus                    Heritage (Ly       20-00.00        
 10        Smith, Ja'mar                    E.C. Glass         19-03.00        
 11        Gregory, Malakhi                 Staunton Riv       19-02.00        
 12        Reid, Dante                      Pulaski Coun       19-00.00        
 13        Johnson, Jaidyn                  Heritage (Ly       19-00.00        
 14        Kennedy, Keyontae                Pulaski Coun       19-00.00        
 15        Brown, Tyshawn                   Heritage (Ly       18-11.25        
 16        Marshbanks, Carter               Asheville          18-06.00        
 17        Jones, Zamavion                  E.C. Glass         18-05.00        
 18        Burton, Trevor                   Pulaski Coun       18-00.00        
 19        Jones, Brett                     Pulaski Coun       18-00.00        
 20        Parker, Zach                     Pulaski Coun       18-00.00        
 21        Mace, Tanner                     Pulaski Coun       18-00.00        
 22        Smith, Anthony                   Louisa Count       17-11.75        
 23        Ackerman, Carter                 Blacksburg H       17-11.50        
 24        Wilhoit, Mannix                  Appomattox C       17-10.25        
 25        Cook, Bryce                      Staunton Riv       17-09.00        
 26        Kim, Kris                        Spotswood          17-07.50        
 27        Kopstein, Devon                  E.C. Glass         17-06.00        
 28        Lohr, Bodie                      Spotswood          17-05.00        
 29        Finney, Alfred                   Staunton Riv       17-01.25        
 30        Giambrone, Jamel                 E.C. Glass         17-01.00        
 31        Karami, Ryan                     Maggie Walke       17-00.00        
 32        Robinson, Tyson                  Louisa Count       17-00.00        
 33        Shimozono, Isaac                 Blacksburg H       16-10.00        
 34        McClung, Logan                   Staunton Riv       16-09.50        
 35        Ennis, Camden                    Maggie Walke       16-09.00        
 36        Paschell, Jonathan               Louisa Count       16-02.00        
 37        Perry, Nick                      Staunton Riv       16-00.00        
 38        Johnson, Mark                    Orange Count       15-01.75        
 39        Boggs, Cyrus                     Orange Count             ND        
 40        Foley, Evan                      Blacksburg H             ND        
 41        Stewart, Tiran                   Patrick Henr             ND        
 42        Tucker, Trenton                  Brookville H             ND        
 43        Smith-Hornbuckle, Joseph         Asheville                ND        
 44        Banks-Tennant, Xavier            Asheville                ND        
 45        Thompson, Julian                 Blacksburg H             ND        
 46        Armistead, Jaylen                Heritage (Ly             ND        
 47        Drew, Turiq                      Patrick Henr             ND        
 48        Hirsch, Nikodem                  Orange Count             ND        
 49        Lin, Justin                      Blacksburg H             ND        
 50        Disse, Marcus                    Orange Count             ND        
 51        Jackson, Ashton                  Heritage (Ly             ND        
 52        Johnson, Micah                   Appomattox C             ND        
 53        Pinn, Jakeb                      Heritage (Ly             ND        
 54        McGahee, Trevante                Asheville                ND        
 55        Rattigan, Max                    Asheville                ND        
 56        Byun, Caleb                      Blacksburg H             ND        
 57        Campbell, Jon                    New Kent                 ND        
 58        Heffinger, Brandon               New Kent                 ND        
Event 27  Girls Triple Jump
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1        Oakes, Alaysia                   Heritage (Ly       40-05.00        
  2        Carter, Dezmajia                 Louisa Count       37-00.00        
  3        Hathaway, Julia                  New Kent           35-08.50        
  4        Paddyfote, Shauna                Patrick Henr       33-11.00        
  5        Spangler, Melissa                New Kent           32-11.00        
  6        Lenkowicz, Zara                  Maggie Walke       32-02.50        
  7        Marshall, Kacey                  Elizabeth Se       32-01.50        
  8        Ayivor, Margaret                 Elizabeth Se       32-00.00        
  9        Organ, Adrianna                  Heritage (Ly       32-00.00        
 10        Molette, Akera                   Heritage (Ly       31-08.00        
 11        Hayden, Ayonna                   Heritage (Ly       31-05.00        
 12        Buchman, Ara                     New Kent           30-00.00        
 13        Porter, Taylor                   Heritage (Ly       29-10.25        
 14        David, Angel                     Louisa Count       29-06.00        
 15        Fugate, Amy                      Blacksburg H       28-07.00        
 16        Truehart, Cierra                 Pulaski Coun       27-11.00        
 17        Richburg, Kyla                   Heritage (Ly       27-02.00        
 18        Flamm, Morgan                    Appomattox C       27-00.25        
 19        Loveland, Makenzie               New Kent           27-00.00        
 20        Halcomb, Malaya                  Louisa Count       25-06.00        
 21        Saunders, Maya                   Heritage (Ly             ND        
 22        Toliver, Shaniah                 Heritage (Ly             ND        
 23        Salamanca, Franny                Pulaski Coun             ND        
 24        Cregger, Courtney                Pulaski Coun             ND        
 25        Clark, Tamya                     Heritage (Ly             ND        
 26        Graves, Kaaliyah                 Heritage (Ly             ND        
 27        Arms, Laci                       Pulaski Coun             ND        
 28        Christian, Dezyre                Appomattox C             ND        
 29        Layne, Jorden                    Appomattox C             ND        
 30        Lyman, Shai-Anne                 Pulaski Coun             ND        
 31        Hackett, Kelsey                  Appomattox C             ND        
 32        Huffman, Nevaeh                  Heritage (Ly             ND        
Event 28  Boys Triple Jump
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1        Brown, Darius                    Heritage (Ly       44-00.00        
  2        Lyman III, John                  Pulaski Coun       43-06.00        
  3        Hill-Lewis, Armonte              Pulaski Coun       42-03.00        
  4        White, Markus                    Heritage (Ly       42-00.00        
  5        Branch, Ellis                    New Kent           41-03.25        
  6        Gulley, JJ                       Pulaski Coun       41-01.75        
  7        Brown, Tyshawn                   Heritage (Ly       40-01.50        
  8        Gregory, Malakhi                 Staunton Riv       39-03.75        
  9        Kennedy, Keyontae                Pulaski Coun       39-00.00        
 10        Parlee, Jack                     Spotswood          39-00.00        
 11        Wilhoit, Mannix                  Appomattox C       37-04.00        
 12        Ackerman, Carter                 Blacksburg H       36-03.75        
 13        Jones, Zamavion                  E.C. Glass         35-01.00        
 14        Sandidge, Mekhi                  E.C. Glass         34-03.00        
 15        Kopstein, Devon                  E.C. Glass         34-02.00        
 16        Paschell, Jonathan               Louisa Count       34-02.00        
 17        Giambrone, Jamel                 E.C. Glass         34-02.00        
 18        Ramsey, Conner                   Appomattox C       29-04.00        
 19        Smith-Hornbuckle, Joseph         Asheville                ND        
 20        Penn, Bryce                      Patrick Henr             ND        
 21        Rattigan, Max                    Asheville                ND        
 22        Pinn, Jakeb                      Heritage (Ly             ND        
 23        Banks-Tennant, Xavier            Asheville                ND        
 24        Hager, Ben                       Blacksburg H             ND        
 25        Armistead, Jaylen                Heritage (Ly             ND        
 26        Avery, Joshua                    Asheville                ND        
 27        Jenkins, William                 Blacksburg H             ND        
 28        Johnson, Micah                   Appomattox C             ND        
 29        Jackson, Ashton                  Heritage (Ly             ND        
Event 29  Girls Shot Put
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1        Crawford, Niya                   Elizabeth Se       36-07.75        
  2        Arnold, Jaelyn                   Heritage (Ly       34-04.00        
  3        Blanchet, Mackenzie              Glen Allen H       32-00.00        
  4        Tyler, Kathryn                   Glen Allen H       31-02.00        
  5        Rucker, Kya                      E.C. Glass         30-08.00        
  6        Glover, Carmen                   E.C. Glass         28-09.00        
  7        Dunnigan, Claire                 Pulaski Coun       28-05.50        
  8        Bryan, Danielle                  Glen Allen H       28-01.00        
  9        Phillips, Lilly                  Staunton Riv       27-10.00        
 10        Waddy, Taylor                    Louisa Count       27-07.00        
 11        Phillips, Sydney                 Elizabeth Se       27-00.00        
 12        Page, Hannah                     E.C. Glass         25-00.00        
 13        Teachey, Serena                  Elizabeth Se       25-00.00        
 14        Ellis, Dionne                    Heritage (Ly       24-08.00        
 15        Whirley, Ny'Asia                 E.C. Glass         24-08.00        
 16        Bowers, Shauna                   Orange Count       24-05.50        
 17        Anthony, Morgan                  Elizabeth Se       24-00.00        
 18        Spangler, Melissa                New Kent           23-09.00        
 19        Hairston, Jaliyah                Maggie Walke       23-02.00        
 20        Wilkerson, Ashley                Elizabeth Se       23-00.00        
 21        Gilbert, Sonyae                  E.C. Glass         22-04.00        
 22        Jenkins, Keely                   E.C. Glass         22-02.00        
 23        Johnson, Tionna                  Louisa Count       22-00.00        
 24        Kahoun, Grace                    Patrick Henr       21-08.00        
 25        Gowdy, Campbell                  New Kent           19-00.00        
 26        Jackson, Lauryn                  Louisa Count       19-00.00        
 27        Clark, Makayla                   Louisa Count       18-06.00        
 28        Glover, Brianna                  E.C. Glass         18-00.00        
 29        Lucero, Emma                     Blacksburg H       17-04.50        
 30        Toms, Jaliyah                    E.C. Glass         15-00.00        
 31        White, Ka'dajah                  E.C. Glass         15-00.00        
 32        Crowe, Grace                     Blacksburg H             ND        
 33        Coleman, Majesty                 Heritage (Ly             ND        
 34        Alexander, Kiki                  Heritage (Ly             ND        
 35        Anderson, Whitney                Appomattox C             ND        
 36        Fleenor, Ally                    Pulaski Coun             ND        
 37        Ferguson, Ashley                 Brookville H             ND        
 38        Hamlett, Kayla                   Brookville H             ND        
 39        Harris, Zion                     Orange Count             ND        
 40        Cumins, Kate                     Patrick Henr             ND        
 41        Sembello, Lily                   Blacksburg H             ND        
 42        Reidinger, Jamie                 Heritage (Ly             ND        
Event 30  Boys Shot Put
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1        Turner, Diego                    Pulaski Coun       51-00.00        
  2        Wilson, Antwon                   Heritage (Ly       43-06.00        
  3        Johnson, Jack                    Pulaski Coun       41-04.00        
  4        Williams, Marcus                 Staunton Riv       40-05.00        
  5        Banks, Carter                    Heritage (Ly       40-00.00        
  6        Graves, Markevus                 E.C. Glass         37-11.00        
  7        Hancock, Ashton                  Staunton Riv       37-08.00        
  8        Perkins, Malachi                 E.C. Glass         37-04.00        
  9        Munoz, Elijah                    Fork Union         36-06.00        
 10        Hudson, Ladanion                 E.C. Glass         35-04.00        
 11        Hornberger, Cane                 Staunton Riv       35-02.00        
 12        Aguilar, Filepe                  Pulaski Coun       34-08.00        
 13        Ansah, Jonie                     Fork Union         34-00.00        
 14        Firkins, Trey                    Brookville H       33-01.00        
 15        Durham, Will                     Asheville          32-10.00        
 16        Schmitt, Zachary                 Brookville H       32-07.00        
 17        Addo, Asumadu                    Fork Union         32-02.50        
 18        Duncan, Ryan                     Spotswood          32-02.50        
 19        Hauler, Samson                   Fork Union         32-02.00        
 20        White, Haji                      E.C. Glass         30-04.00        
 21        McCormick, Andrew                E.C. Glass         29-07.75        
 22        Gillispie, Hunter                Brookville H       29-07.00        
 23        Mason, Dylan                     E.C. Glass         29-00.00        
 24        O'Connor, Vincent                Blacksburg H       29-00.00        
 25        Glover, Dennis                   E.C. Glass         28-10.00        
 26        Brown, Colston                   E.C. Glass         26-09.00        
 27        Hunter, Treshawn                 E.C. Glass         26-06.00        
 28        Jenkins, Shakim                  E.C. Glass         26-00.00        
 29        Tan, Pierce                      Blacksburg H       25-01.00        
 30        Sanson, Maxim                    Spotswood          25-00.00        
 31        Navarro, Fiell                   Spotswood          23-00.00        
 32        Gorman, Wayne                    Brookville H       15-09.00        
 33        Scott, Kanye                     Heritage (Ly             ND        
 34        Yelton, Caleb                    Pulaski Coun             ND        
 35        Wallace, Andrew                  New Kent                 ND        
 36        Wines, Shawn                     Pulaski Coun             ND        
 37        Williamson, Tae                  Patrick Henr             ND        
 38        Wright, Marcus                   Patrick Henr             ND        
 39        Thompson, Julian                 Blacksburg H             ND        
 40        Wisenyuy, Shawn                  Orange Count             ND        
 41        Diggs, Carson                    New Kent                 ND        
 42        Dalton, Nolan                    Pulaski Coun             ND        
 43        Dillon, Clay                     Patrick Henr             ND        
 44        Brown, Jacob                     Pulaski Coun             ND        
 45        Anderson, Tre'Shawn              Heritage (Ly             ND        
 46        Calloway, Xavier                 Heritage (Ly             ND        
 47        Musgrave, Eric                   Orange Count             ND        
 48        Moore, Aiden                     Pulaski Coun             ND        
 49        Newman, Maxx                     Brookville H             ND        
 50        Hayden, Kiontre                  Pulaski Coun             ND        
 51        Hayden, Demarcus                 Pulaski Coun             ND        
 52        Jackson, Chase                   Heritage (Ly             ND        

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Cricket-South Africa captain Bavuma confident in board COVID protocols Wed, 01 Dec 2021 06:52:05 +0000

South Africa captain Temba Bavuma said he has full confidence in the biosecurity protocols established by the country’s Cricket Council (CSA) ahead of the India tour later this month. Sport in South Africa started to shut down Friday after l emergence of a new variant of the coronavirus, named Omicron, with travel bans and restrictions on flights leaving rugby teams and golfers to scramble to leave the country.

South Africa are set to host India in a series of three tests starting in Johannesburg on December 17, followed by three One Day Internationals (ODI) and four Twenty20 matches. “I am confident that our BSEs (biosafety environments) meet the highest safety standards,” Bavuma said Wednesday.

“Playing cricket in a BSE was a huge challenge for everyone involved in the game… The CSA is to be commended for the way they have handled BSE. South Africa test captain Dean Elgar said despite the mental toll of being in a bubble, players have come to terms with the need for strict protocols.

“It takes its toll on a player mentally and yet this team continues to produce good results and progress – it’s something that I personally think is not talked about enough,” said Elgar. “We don’t know how long we’ll continue to operate like this, but it’s gratifying to know that when tours arrive, the health and safety of everyone involved is the top priority.”

The ODI tour of the Netherlands in South Africa was postponed on Tuesday and the Zimbabwe Women’s Cricket World Cup qualifying tournament was also scrapped after the discovery of the new variant.

(This story was not edited by Devdiscourse staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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10 best Metro Detroit girls basketball games to watch in 2021-2022 Mon, 29 Nov 2021 18:00:00 +0000

The girls’ high school basketball season is underway and it’s time to mark your schedule for the best games around Metro Detroit this winter.

The following 10 games are listed by date.

Chicago Whitney Young (IL) in Detroit Edison

Dec 3 2021 at 7 p.m.

What do you get when you face one of the best teams in Michigan against one of the best teams in Illinois to open the season? A great game.

Detroit Edison vs. South Bend Washington (IN)

Dec 11 2021 at 8 p.m. @ Belleville HS

This is not only a great clash between two great teams, but also a clash between two of the best players in the country. Edison’s Ruby Whitehorn (Clemson) takes on Mila Reynolds (Maryland). Last year Washington was a finalist in Indiana State 3A.

Detroit Country Day at St. Clair Shores Lakeview

Dec 14 2021 at 7 p.m.

Country Day rebounded last season with a 15-3 record and they hope to build on that success against a Lakeview side that went 15-2 last winter.

Detroit Renaissance at the Wayne Memorial

Dec 15 2021 at 7 p.m.

These two teams have been the top of the state rankings for the past few years. Both graduated masterpieces but both also have plenty of young talents ready to flourish.

Grosse Pointe North in Macomb L’Anse Creuse North

Dec 17 2021 at 7 p.m.

This is a rematch between last year’s champion MAC Red (GPN) and last year’s champion MAC White (LCN). LCN won last year’s game and clashed with the Reds in an attempt to dethrone GPN.

Detroit Edison vs. Hudsonville

Dec 18 2021 at 8 p.m. @ Aquinas College

Hudsonville is the defending D1 champion and Edison is Edison. One of the best clashes in the state this season.

Clarkston in West Bloomfield

January 4, 2022 at 7 p.m.

They were the top two teams in OAA Red last year. West Bloomfield handed Clarkston two of their four losses a year ago, so Wolves will seek revenge.

Farmington Hills Mercy to Bloomfield Hills Marian

January 7, 2022 at 7 p.m.

It is always an entertaining game when these two rivals meet. Marian won two of three clashes last season, but it was Mercy who won the Catholic League tournament final against the Mustangs.

Detroit Edison in West Bloomfield

February 12, 2022 at 6 p.m.

Edison beat West Bloomfield twice last season, but West Bloomfield is bringing back major pieces from the squad from last year as they seek revenge.

Detroit Edison to East Grand Rapids

March 13, 2022 at 4 p.m.

East Grand Rapids are consistently one of the best teams in the state and any time the east side meets the west side it’s always an interesting game.

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When children’s games get serious: adults compete in tag, conkers and hide and seek | Quizzes Sun, 28 Nov 2021 10:00:00 +0000

Steve Max has no memory of playing Simon Says as a child. He probably did – the centuries-old command game is loved by adults who need children to stay quiet (and put their hands on their heads) for a little while – but Max only remembers playing Duck, Duck Goose and kickball at summer camp. No matter. At 59, Max now plays Simon Says at least two or three times a week.

Max is one of a handful of professional Simon Says callers around the world. He runs the game after First Communion ceremonies, in the midst of full staff meetings, and even during America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) games. “If you think about it, there’s really only one rule: only do it if my order is preceded by ‘Simon says’,” Max says over the phone from New York, “And yet people are everything. just horrible. “

Earlier this year, as summer was drawing to a close and the leaves were starting to turn brown, a South Korean drama dominated TVs and became Netflix’s most-watched series to date. Over 142 million households have sat down to watch Squid game in just a month, following characters as they took part in killer kid games for a chance to win £ 28million. From tug of war to marbles, the show shed light on games that many of us hadn’t thought about in decades. But while the dystopian life and death competition was purely fictional, in reality a small number of dedicated individuals are playing children’s games for real money.

“People are really envious of what I do for a living,” says Max, who has played Simon Says professionally since the 1990s. Often times he has to show people pictures on his phone to prove it’s really his job. – at first most people think he teases them when they ask. It all started in 1982, when he was a waiter at the Grossinger Hotel in the Catskills Mountains and watched Activities Director Lou Goldstein lead the guests in the game.

“It was just remarkable,” said Max, “There was so much laughter.” Max had been experimenting with entertainment since he was a teenager – performing magic and balancing acts for boy scouts and church groups. “I started incorporating Simon Says into my show – and what I found was that my audience loved him a lot more than my magic and juggling.”

In 2003, Max contacted the New York Knicks after seeing a pitiful halftime performance during a basketball game. He masters a series of “sneaky moves” to catch players – the faster you go the easier it is to fool people, and you can also touch one part of the body while having people touch another.

“There were laughs when I said I wanted to mark my career.” Illustration: Nate Kitch / The Observer

A switch to Zoom during the pandemic made some of Max’s tricks more difficult to perform – he can’t really give instructions below the waist, and the video lag slowed the game down. But that’s when he did. visits summer camps and plays with teen counselors who watch him since they were kids themselves that he has to get the sneakiest. “I say something like ‘Simon says not to smile’, and they’ll laugh out loud. They just can’t control themselves, you know?

Of course, real money is where real money always resides – in the corporate world. Max has lectured for a number of companies, “waking everyone up before they start their four hour session in a ballroom somewhere watching a slide show.” It’s not all fun and games: many bosses love the game’s surprisingly serious message.

“With the advent of cell phones and all the electronic distractions that we have in the world, you have to stay focused,” says Max, “And another of the points I’m saying is how important it is to be a good guy. listener and let people finish before you answer.If you anticipate and advance early, you are going to make a mistake.

Not all professionals Kids game players can apply such serious messages to their work, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take their work seriously. “Winning this third competition was probably the best feeling I’ve had in my life,” said Greg Ball, 25, captain of the Marrero Gang, a seven-person British team that won the Chase Tag World Championship. in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Whether you call it tig, tag or that, you undoubtedly played the game as a kid. Yet Hertfordshire-based Ball now plays at least twice a week in order to train for the annual competition broadcast on Channel 4 since 2019. Competitors chase each other around a quad full of obstacles and must score with their hands (feet don’t count).

Ball grew up in South Africa, where everyone played rugby – meaning that as a “very skinny little kid” he was constantly injured. “I prefer the idea of ​​running away from people than trying to confront them,” he laughs. In addition to participating in World Chase Tag, he also works as a sales representative for the competition, securing referrals.

“I think there was a huge doubt when I said I really wanted to do tagging for the rest of my life and make a career out of it. There was obviously laughter here and there,” Ball says. three wins and a strong online audience (the contest’s official YouTube channel has racked up 115 million views) mean Ball’s work is being taken more and more seriously, and like Max, Ball has honed his tactics.

“Herding, like a shepherd herds sheep, is when we round up our opponents in areas of the pitch where it’s easier to mark them,” says Ball. “Reverse regroup” means that when you gather the target somewhere, it is more difficult for them to catch you. “Duking” is when you bluff to go one way before moving on to the other. And as captain, Ball always makes sure his team is “physically and psychologically ready” to play.

“I think my life changed completely with this third victory,” said Ball, explaining that she “gave so much hope that I can actually do something with my life besides working an insignificant new job. at five”. Yet the winnings themselves, sadly, haven’t changed life – just a trophy the first year, £ 1,000 the next, then £ 1,500 split between the team in the third year.

“The hope is that over the next five years we’ll start to see a lot more money pouring into the sport, which means athletes can take it a little more seriously,” Ball said. “In the same way something like the UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship] has grown over the past 50 years, I honestly think in the next 50 years World Chase Tag will be on a similar playing field with some of the big, key sports. The same cannot be said of the Conker World Championships.

“I’m here to win, right? Most people are there for fun. But there’s no doubt about it – I’m coming to win, ”said Jasmine Tetley, 28, an environmental scientist from Nottingham and reigning World Championships champion from Conker for the past two consecutive years.

Surprisingly, Tetley never played conkers as a child – but since 2018 she has competed in the 56-year-old competition, in which hundreds of contestants swing to crush each other’s horse chestnut seeds. “About five years ago I said, ‘I want to be a world champion. It doesn’t matter what it is. So that’s what I decided to do, ”says Tetley. While the other players are wearing silly costumes and wigs, she is wearing sportswear. “It’s just about doing everything other athletes do: it’s about thinking about hydration, about food, about making sure you’re warm, that you have diapers, but that you are not limited. “

Tetley has devised a set of tactics using math, statistics and notes: “You have to play according to your wind conditions. But alas, there is no prize money, which means she may have chosen the wrong sport – in 2006 the USA champion Rock Paper Scissors League took home $ 50,000. Still, Tetley appreciates the trophy and crown she wore in the last competition, prompting the kids to ask her for her autograph. When asked what it feels like to have mastered a children’s game, she laughs, “I don’t think it’s a children’s game because I never played it when I was young.

The organizers of these kinds of events agree that they are more than just child’s play.

Giorgio Moratti is the founder of the World Hide and Seek Championship, which he launched in 2010 in his hometown of Bergamo, Italy. The game, he says, has a strong underlying philosophy, “It’s really important not to forget to live and have fun.”

Here’s how it basically works. On Fridays, the teams are greeted in the arena with concerts and food – there are no signs for the premieres, and people have to “look” for them by following the sound. Saturday, the games begin. There are normally around 400 players divided into 80 teams (Moratti says that in 2018 there were players from all continents of the world). There’s a bunch of little 10-minute games to help take down the losers, and then a final in which 20 teams go head to head on Sunday.

Many winning teams are mixed – Moratti says the men may be stronger and faster, but the women have “amazing ideas for hiding”. Take a year, for example, when a woman brought a camera with her to the event. “There’s a lot of TV and press, so she just took a camera and pretended to take pictures… It’s really smart,” says Moratti. She won this round.

“The prize is fame, of course,” Moratti said when asked what exactly the winners were getting. “You win a game that has been played around the world since the dawn of time, so it’s not really a small thing.” Winners also receive a medal engraved with a golden fig leaf, reminiscent of the ones Adam and Eve used to “hide” their naked bodies. There haven’t been any repeat winners, so theoretically everyone has a chance. “They also have to be a little crazy… that’s really one of the skills required to participate.

Whether it’s Simon Says, tag, conkers or hide and seek, the champions of children’s games all believe in the power of fun. Steve Max, professional Simon, remembers asking a veterans ward to raise his right hand in the air – a man got confused and raised his left hand. “So he put up his left hand by mistake. But he didn’t have a hand. He had lost it on serve, ”said Max – he decided to let the man stay in the game and everyone cheered. “I consider myself very lucky and very lucky to be able to do this for my career,” he says. “How does it feel to spend my life playing a children’s game?” Simon says: This is really excellent!

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Football fans could be allowed to drink during matches as law banning alcohol in the stands could be removed Thu, 25 Nov 2021 20:42:00 +0000

FOOTIE fans could once again be allowed to drink during games for the first time in 36 years.

The law banning alcohol in the stands could be removed as part of a broad review of the sport.


A sight-drinking ban on the pitch was introduced in 1985 to stem hooliganismCredit: Le Soleil

Among the recommendations is a testing program for fans to drink alcohol during matches at Ligue 2 and National League clubs.

Ministers welcomed the move, part of a fan-led review led by ex-sports minister Tracey Crouch.

She said that a “small-scale, limited pilot” on the sale of alcohol “with a view to the pitch” would help struggling clubs earn extra money.

Ms Crouch added yesterday: “This is about the financial viability of the lower parts of the league – such a small change would make a huge difference.”

Research suggests that an average League Two club loses around £ 184,000 per season by not being able to sell alcohol to fans who watch the games.

A sight-drinking ban on the pitch was introduced in 1985 to curb hooliganism.

Currently, only non-league teams are allowed to sell alcohol to fans to take the pitch.

The Football Supporters’ Association and the English Football League both support an update of the existing laws.

MP Paul Bristow said: “Alcohol is sold in rugby and cricket without incident.

“Football has changed, it’s not the 80s anymore.

Among the recommendations is a testing program allowing fans to drink alcohol during matches at Ligue 2 and National League clubs.


Among the recommendations is a testing program allowing fans to drink alcohol during matches at Ligue 2 and National League clubs.Credit: Le Soleil

“Selling alcohol could be a boost that many of our lower leagues need to survive.”

But Cheshire Police Chief Mark Roberts said: “There is a clear link between alcohol and bad behavior, not only in football but in society in general.

“Increasingly, we are seeing concerns in rugby and cricket about the negative impact on fan experiences.

“This is being offered at a time when we are seeing many disturbing cases of violence in football at all levels, so the timing is bizarre.”

A government source said: “There is a strong case. But it is a thorny question.

Brentford praised for rolling the kit back into next season to save fans money

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Tipperary Community Games cross-country medals spread widely Thu, 25 Nov 2021 09:56:15 +0000

Here are the results of recent Community Games cross-country races.
600m Girls U12: 1 Aoife O’Donnell, Boherlahan, 2 Caoimhe Bourke, Newport, 3 Sophie Moynihan, Boherlahan, 4 Eadaoin Duffy Powerstown Lisronagh, 5 Leah O’Connell, Boherlahan, 6 Niamh Buckeridge, Newport.
Boys u12 1: Oisin Kennedy, Newport, 2 Darragh Healy, Newport, 3 Albert Maher, Boherlahan, 4 Sean Sheehan, Moycarkey Borris, 5 Adam Hayde, Cashel Rosegreen, 6 Niall Quirke, Boherlahan.
800m Girls U14: 1 Alanah Spillane, Moyne, 2 Emma Brennan, Powerstown, 3 Emily Mills, Holycross, 4 Elizabeth Tye, Ballingarry, 5 Clodagh Grimes, Newport, 6 Ava Palmer, Newport.
Boys U14: 1 Harry Sheppard, Moycarkey Borris, 2 Conor Hayes New Inn, 3 Eoin Kennedy, Boherlahan.
1200m U13 Mixed Team of 10: (Girls) 1 Leah Berry, Newport, 2 Ruth O’Connell, Boherlahan, 3 Leah Molloy, Newport, 4 Ruth Phelan, Moyne, 5 Ruby Maher, Boherlahan.
1200m U13 Mixed Team of 10: (Boys) 1 Conor O’Donnell, Boherlahan, 2 Conor Kiely, Newport, 3 Mel Ryan, Boherlahan, 4 Fionn Ivors, Ballingarry, 5 Cian Campion, Holycross.
Congratulations to all the qualifiers. Thanks to Thurles Crokes for using their facilities, to the coordinator Marie Corbett and to all the volunteers who helped with the event.
Good luck to the teams during the national final this Sunday, November 27.

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BBC Richard Osman’s House of Games: Osman’s “Extraordinary Relief” After His First Wife and New “Home Girlfriend” Divorce, He “Started Dating After Lockdown” Wed, 24 Nov 2021 17:00:00 +0000

Richard Osman first rose to fame when he started co-hosting Pointless with Alexander Armstrong in 2009.

Now presenting his own show on BBC Two – Richard Osman’s House of Games – he tests the general knowledge and problem-solving skills of celebrities on weeknights.

But what about the off-screen life of the quiz host?

READ MORE: Famous parents of EastEnders actress Sandy Gibson who starred in Coronation Street and Brookside

Richard tends to keep a low profile when asked about his love life in interviews, but he has spoken of his failed marriage in the past, reports The Express.

Osman, 50, married his ex-wife in the late 1990s and they divorced in 2007. They share adult children Ruby and Sonny with his ex-wife.

After separating from his wife, the presenter admitted that he feared the family situation was “horrible”, but was relieved that everything was going well.

He told The Times: “When my partnership broke I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is going to be awful.

“I saw my kids all the time. I quickly realized it wasn’t going to be the same, which is a tremendous relief.

“They know I love them and I tell them all the time, which rigidly annoys them. But I’ve never been told.”

In 2018, Richard started dating jazz musician Sumudu Jayatilaka, but their relationship ended two years later.

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The father-of-two was asked about their breakup by the press at the time but chose not to talk about it.

When asked if the romance described in his book The Thursday Murder Club was related to his breakup with Jayatilaka, he replied, “I’d rather not go into all of this.

“We’re not together, so I’d rather not upset her at all.”

He then embraced single life during the pandemic, saying, “Being single in your 40s is really great. From my perspective, it’s wonderful.

“It’s probably easier to be a single man in his forties than a single woman.”

Ingrid Oliver, left, reportedly dating Osman
Ingrid Oliver, left, reportedly dating Osman

Reports from earlier this year claimed he was now dating Doctor Who actress Ingrid Oliver, who has appeared on her BBC quiz show several times in the past.

She is believed to have moved into his home and is now his “home girlfriend”, according to some reports.

The couple met through mutual friends and have known each other for years, and according to sources speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Richard has told his friends that she is “the right one for him.”

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Boherlahan retains top cross-country prize at Tipperary Community Games Tue, 23 Nov 2021 10:01:21 +0000

Here are the results of recent Community Games cross-country races.
600m. Girls U12: 1 Aoife O’Donnell, Boherlahan, 2 Caoimhe Bourke, Newport, 3 Sophie Moynihan, Boherlahan, 4 Eadaoin Duffy Powerstown Lisronagh, 5 Leah O’Connell, Boherlahan, 6 Niamh Buckeridge, Newport.
Boys u12 1: Oisin Kennedy, Newport, 2 Darragh Healy, Newport, 3 Albert Maher, Boherlahan, 4 Sean Sheehan, Moycarkey Borris, 5 Adam Hayde, Cashel Rosegreen, 6 Niall Quirke, Boherlahan.
800m Girls U14: 1 Alanah Spillane, Moyne, 2 Emma Brennan, Powerstown, 3 Emily Mills, Holycross, 4 Elizabeth Tye, Ballingarry, 5 Clodagh Grimes, Newport, 6 Ava Palmer, Newport.
Boys U14: 1 Harry Sheppard, Moycarkey Borris, 2 Conor Hayes New Inn, 3 Eoin Kennedy, Boherlahan.
1200m U13 Mixed Team of 10: (Girls) 1 Leah Berry, Newport, 2 Ruth O’Connell, Boherlahan, 3 Leah Molloy, Newport, 4 Ruth Phelan, Moyne, 5 Ruby Maher, Boherlahan.
1200m U13 Mixed Team of 10: (Boys) 1 Conor O’Donnell, Boherlahan, 2 Conor Kiely, Newport, 3 Mel Ryan, Boherlahan, 4 Fionn Ivors, Ballingarry, 5 Cian Campion, Holycross.
Congratulations to all the qualifiers. Thanks to Thurles Crokes for using their facilities, to the coordinator Marie Corbett and to all the volunteers who helped with the event.
Good luck to the teams for the national final on Sunday November 27th.

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