Death Wish Coffee Company creates new website

Saratoga Springs, New York State – Death Wish Coffee Company, creator of the world’s strongest coffee, has launched a new website to better serve their loyal customers and support their overall growth. The cult brand based in upstate New York has dared to make its online shopping experience as bold and iconic as its coffee shop. To make sure their loyal coffee drinkers get the same e-commerce effect as coffee beans, the company undertook a complete site redesign that took over a year to complete.

It was a project that had been on the company’s radar for a long time. According to Thomas Dragonette, Senior Art Director, “I have been working with Death Wish Coffee for 6 years now. We’ve had the same site for 6 years, constantly fixing issues with bandages or adding apps to try and make our customer experience the best it can be, with the resources and team we had at the time. We were finally able to get this thing in for surgery and fix it properly. And getting it right is exactly what the highly caffeinated team were determined to do.

As the entire planet came to a standstill during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Death Wish Coffee found a way to pivot. The silver lining for designing a website while running a coffee shop business in 2020? The Death Wish Coffee team was able to learn even more about the needs of their community, to troubleshoot and streamline online shopping, shipping, and customer service in the midst of a nightmare. The mission was crystal clear: to create a site that lived up to the incredibly high standards of their premium coffee. The site not only provides a seamless shopping experience for new customers who buy their first bag or their cafe subscribers who want to update their membership, but also showcases the cult classic mugs, t-shirts and scrolling blogs. that people crave as much as caffeine.

Creating a more efficient way to shop, which could be enjoyed by any of their coffee drinkers, including the team itself, was a non-negotiable goal with the overhaul. “We started this project believing that we were on the verge of an e-commerce renaissance, probably looking at all retail infrastructure. So we’ve developed a sustainable foundation that will give us the creative flexibility to rethink and ideally redefine future direct-to-consumer standards, ”said Will Critcher, Director of Electronic Commerce.

The site is obviously a one-stop shop for the world’s strongest coffee, but it’s also a resource for learning more about all things coffee-related and for connecting with the Death Wish Coffee brand and the team that creates it. “This is an opportunity to introduce the brand to the world,” said Mike Brown, Founder and CEO. “The new website is the first impression of many first-time visitors. If that brings them to the next leg of the Death Wish Coffee journey, I’ll be happy. An optimal user experience was paramount for the entire redesign, as was maintaining a sense of community that has accompanied the company since its inception in 2012.

Can we have the audacity to call it the most powerful website in the world? We just did.


Good things start small. Mike Brown brought his bold idea for the world’s strongest coffee to life in 2012, in search of stronger coffee for his local community. He searched everywhere for the best beans in the world, developed a unique roasting technique, and the Death Wish Coffee Company was born. What started as a few employees preparing orders in the basement of a quaint cafe is now Amazon’s “most desired” No.1 cafe and can be found in over 14,000 stores nationwide. . Death Wish Coffee Company is committed to sustainability, and our Dark, Medium and Valhalla Roast Java Coffees are always Fairtrade + USDA Certified Organic. For more information, visit

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