Gay creator of extremist website sued for false allegations and harassment of election workers / LGBTQ nation

“Gateway Pundit” Jim Hoft (left) with “Twinks 4 Trump” Lucian Wintrich. Hoft helped promote the sexual assault allegation against Pete Buttigieg.Photo: Screenshot

A far-right website, often criticized for its “fake news,” is being sued by two Georgia state election officials for libel over their favorable coverage and the amplification of 2020 election plots. Gateway expert, Jim Hoft – the homosexual who founded it – and his brother Joe Holt are being sued by Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman, over the harassment sparked by the website and its false allegations that the election was rigged or “stolen.”

Gateway expert is known to spread so much disinformation that it has been banned from Twitter and from advertising or promoting yourself through Google. Yet he remains a constant source of “news” on Facebook, reaching over 630,000 people through his Facebook page alone.

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The trial was first reported by Reuters, who came a few days later their investigation which brought to light the struggles of Moss and Freeman in light of the far-right disinformation campaign to further push electoral conspiracy theories. Moss, who was a voter registration officer in the election for Fulton County, Ga., And Freeman, who was a temporary employee, say with their complaint that the Gateway expertRepeated “lies” that they are “traitors” and “steal the presidential election in Georgia” have done irreparable damage to their “devastated” reputation.

The accusation stems from the website coverage of a Trump campaign lawyer claiming in December that workers in Fulton County, Georgia’s most populous county who largely went to Joe Biden, allegedly bought in “suitcases” of bogus votes in favor of Biden.

Although legal theory has failed in the courts, the Gateway expert and other far-right websites picked up the coverage and continued to claim that Moss and Freeman helped “steal” the election. Not only have they publicly accused Moss and Freeman, but a Gateway expert The headline read, “What’s up, Ruby? after finding footage of her wearing what Georgia’s Secretary of State says is standard election material, proudly stating that “the crooked agent … IS IDENTIFIED.”

the Gateway expert reportedly “sparked a deluge of intimidation, harassment and threats that forced them to change their phone numbers, delete their online accounts and fear for their physical safety” to the point that Freeman went underground.

“I could not have imagined the lies The Gateway Pundit would tell about me, causing people to harass me and my family and threaten us with violence,” Freeman said in a statement.

Their lawsuit is filed in St. Louis Circuit Court and seeks unspecified damages. Neither the website nor the Hofts commented.

the Gateway expert was well known for his deceptive coverage of crime even before he started broadcasting “fake news” and a pro-Trump agenda a few years ago, which ultimately won a seat in the White House press room for daily press briefings under the Trump administration.

The website first hired “Twinks for Trump” creator Lucian Wintrich as a White House correspondent. Later that year, Wintrich was arrested for assaulting a student during a speech in which he said “America is ruled by illegal transgender migrants”.

In 2019, the website was behind claims that then-presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg had been charged with sexual assault. The allegations turned out to be fabricated.

” Report of Gateway expert led to FBI investigations and other civil lawsuits – against the website itself, that is. Formerly awarded by conservative organizations, even right-wing media such as News week and Harvard researchers felt their writings were largely falsified.

Currently, they are promoting extreme right-wing extremists such as convicted insurgent Brandon Straka and Buttigieg’s bogus mastermind Jacob Wohl.

Site founder Jim Hoft was once considered “dumbest man on the internetFor his constant and absurd attacks on the Obama administration. After blogging for years, he created Gateway expert explicitly to “expose the wickedness of the left”. He operates the site from his home near Saint-Louis, where the latest complaint was filed.

Hoft came out in 2016 to defend the National Rifle Association (NRA) after the Pulse massacre in Orlando. He was banned from Twitter in February to continuously push disinformation.

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