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The current state of the long drawn out pandemic means many of us are stuck inside working in front of our computer screens. If you are not working, surely there could be something to occupy you.

Learning to code is a great option now because having coding skills sets you apart from the competition and also gives you knowledge for the career you want.

The Internet has been used more regularly than ever. An Ofcom report found that UK adults spent an average of three hours and 47 minutes surfing the internet per day in 2020.

So, if you are someone looking to learn without having to leave your home, studying online would be your best bet.

We list some of the best courses and bootcamps in the UK for those looking to take the plunge: from paid or free options to day courses or weekly programs.

Online course vs classroom course

Online courses are more relevant now due to the rise of advanced technologies. Next to that, there is the desire for quick and easy accessibility, which online learning offers.

They are also relatively cheaper than classroom courses. However, there are also a few potential drawbacks to consider.

Online learning requires more self-motivation and taking charge of managing your learning. For those who might struggle with this, a face-to-face course might be the best option. They’re more intense, but you get more support and chances are you’ll get more in a shorter timeframe.

We have provided a mix of online and classroom courses for you to choose from.

Code First Girls was founded in 2012 by Alice Bentinck and Matthew Clifford. The non-profit organization offers free part-time coding courses for young female identification and non-binary individuals across the UK and Ireland.

The Coding School has already taught over 20,000 women across the UK to code for free and has provided over £ 10million in free coding lessons.

Removing these potential barriers to entry will not only improve the way courses are delivered, but will also ensure that they are more accessible to all who wish to participate.

To apply for a Free First Girls Code Community Course, you must identify as female or non-binary and be between the ages of 18-23, or 18 and over and currently studying, or 18 and over and completed your studies during the course. the last 2 years.

  • How long: 2 hours per week for eight weeks
  • Cost: free if you meet the above criteria
  • Where: Various class locations and universities across the country
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The Knowledge Academy offers different types of courses, from advanced technologies to computer security.

His coding courses include C to Python programming and a range of others. Course duration and cost vary depending on the course you choose. This includes the option of online or classroom learning.

  • How long: 16 hours online or 1 week in class
  • Cost: Varies depending on the course
  • Where: London, Bristol, Leeds and more in the UK
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Code Your Future is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that aims to help refugees, asylum seekers, single parents, low-income people and disadvantaged people learn to code and open up their perspectives of ‘use. Since its inception in 2016, the program has already supported people of more than 30 different nationalities.

It was founded by Venezuelan engineer Germán Bencci, who moved to the UK ten years ago. In 2019, he explained to us the motivation behind the creation of the association, saying that the tech industry tends to favor the privileged and that he wanted to help those who are often left behind by society.

Unlike other courses, Code Your Future graduates are not expected to contribute financially to the program after obtaining full-time employment and all financial charges are covered for the duration of the course.

No prior coding experience is necessary. The only conditions to obtain a place in the course are an asylum seeker or a refugee, you live below the poverty line of local households, you have been diagnosed with a mental or physical disability or you have significant difficulties in obtaining the education you need to find a job.

  • Duration: 1 month of fundamental courses, then 8 months part-time
  • Cost: free if you meet the above criteria
  • Where: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Rome and Medellin
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Ranked among the world’s top coding schools, Le Wagon is an intensive bootcamp designed to empower students to create the best products. The course covers back-end programming languages ​​such as SQL and Ruby, as well as front-end techniques such as Grid CSS and JavaScript.

  • How long: 9 weeks to be completed full-time over 9 weeks or part-time over 24 weeks
  • Where: London and other major cities in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East
  • Cost: Available during the application process
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This immersive bootcamp (formerly called Mayden Academy) aims to prepare novice coders to land their first development job. It not only teaches the technical skills required to code, but also offers job search assistance by introducing the alumni of the course to local companies that hire developers.

iO Academy was named one of the top ten coding bootcamps in the world by SwitchUp in 2020.

  • How long: 16 weeks
  • Cost: £ 11,000
  • Where: Bath, Sheffield and online
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There are two main learning options at Makers Academy: Makers Apprenticeships and Makers Academy. The first takes a little over a year, while the second can be completed in 12 weeks.

General Assembly provides training and development in technology, data, design and business and has 15 campuses around the world. Their immersive development courses cover Android, iOS, and software engineering.

  • Duration: 12 weeks part-time and 24 weeks full-time, with a choice of evening and weekend classes.
  • Cost: Free evening and weeklong classes and full classes from £ 9,000
  • Where: London, Edinburgh and Manchester as well as various cities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Online course options are also available
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Codecademy promotes a ‘learn by doing’ mantra, which means that regardless of your level of experience, you will be coding right from the start. The web development course covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also offers a range of basic coding courses for beginners, as well as several courses ranging from data science to machine learning.

  • How long: you go at your own pace – weeks or months! You can choose from one lesson to over 100
  • Cost: Free rate to Pro from £ 15.99 for unlimited access to courses.
  • Where: Online only
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There are a range of course options at CodeClan, based in Scotland, from professional software development to full-stack. The first introduces you to the fundamentals of programming, front-end and back-end development, and the best tools and processes in the industry.

  • Duration: course of 1 to 3 days plus courses of 8, 16 and 20 weeks
  • Cost: £ 450 for a 3 day course, £ 600 for an evening course and up to £ 6,650 for full courses
  • Where: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness
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City of London University

At City University of London there are a range of different short courses in computer science, including introductions to different programming languages.

  • How long: 10 to 20 weekly lessons
  • Cost: Prices vary from £ 430
  • Where: London, City University
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