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The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has revamped their website and I think what I like most is that it’s clean.

In other words, you can get to where you want to be without having to read 10 hyperlink books stuck in a 2 pound poke.

Let’s say you just put a tag on a 6 dot dollar somewhere in Mineral County. You plan to save it online when you get home on your desktop or maybe you’ll just save it on your smartphone as you sit on a fallen log near the deer. No problem. Go to the site wvdnr.gov then click on West Virginia Hunting. At this point, you will notice an orange box at the top right of your screen that says Check In Game. Prepare your personal DNR account information so you can log in and you are on your way to filet mignon dinners.

A PDF of the hunting regulations is available in case of forgetting a specific regulation or a season date.

Nonetheless, I would like the agency to provide an app that would include lots of information about the rules and regulations and a way to check the game. I have such apps from Maryland and Virginia on my smartphone and they work fine.

What’s new?

There aren’t many changes to Maryland or West Virginia hunting regulations for the coming seasons.

West Virginia will allow hunters to harvest one turkey of both sexes during the Mountain Heritage Season which takes place in January.

There is a big change for bow hunters in Allegany and Garrett counties. In the past, it was illegal to hunt with a bow within 150 meters of an occupied residence. This distance has been reduced to 50 meters, which makes sense. The safety zone for hunting with a firearm continues to be 150 meters.

There are a few other changes in each state. Take a hard copy of the regulations or read them online.

One, two, three, etc.

Those of us who volunteer to be wild turkey watchers in Maryland will be tabling our reports soon. These reports tell wildlife managers how many turkeys we saw in July and August and whether or not they were poults, hens or turkeys. There is also a place to list UFOs, unidentified feathered objects, which just means you simply cannot determine the sex or age of the creature.

Bob Long, the outside turkey population manager, will analyze the numbers and write a statewide report giving everyone an idea of ​​the success of this year’s outbreak. I expect the Almost Maryland report to be brilliant, based on how many young birds I’ve seen and those seen by others I’ve spoken to.

Frankly, I have never seen so many young turkeys running around our part of the country. But games aren’t played on paper, so we’ll see what Long has to say this fall.

New quack stamps

To hunt waterfowl in Maryland, you must have state and federal stamps. The Maryland Migratory Game Bird Stamp costs $ 9 and this year features male and female red ducks painted by Scott Calpino.

The federal stamp sells for $ 25. Richard Clifton painted the little scaup that adorns this stamp.

Buying these stamps and affixing them to my hunting license is an annual tradition or rite of passage that tells me that I will soon be bringing down the Beretta’s cannon. Perhaps some of these plans will be directed appropriately.

Misplaced celebration

The West Virginia Hunting and Fishing Days celebration that took place in the past at Stonewall Jackson Resort in Lewis County has moved to the Summit Bechtel Preserve in Glen Jean. The action will take place from September 10 to 12.

Mike Sawyers retired in 2018 as outside editor of the Cumberland Times-News. His column now appears every other Saturday.

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