Navigating New COVID Testing Sites and Website

CAPITAL REGION, NY (NEWS10) – Faced with a growing wave of COVID-19 cases and the growing need for testing, several testing sites are crowded, and in New York City, new ones are now opening.

Tuesday morning at Albany Memorial Hospital in Albany, the line appeared to be wrapped around the building. But no walk-in is allowed.

The site is not open to the general public. This is only for pre-procedure COVID testing, as well as testing for colleagues at St. Peter’s Health Partners, their children and for patients in St. Peter’s, who have been referred by their provider for testing. .

At Crossgates Mall, the former Ruby Tuesday location, a new test site has opened. By noon, the queue was already long.

It is one of 13 new locations opened in New York City to meet demand in the face of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases. As a bonus, all sites offer quick tests. And you can’t just introduce yourself. First of all, you need to get to

Entering personal information seems to be the easiest part. As NEWS10’s Anya Tucker found out, getting a date is another thing.

But one trick is to click on “Group Code” and type in “Walkin” and that might get you into the day.

But if you have to cancel for some reason, it was difficult for Anya to find a way to do it. Her NEWS10 colleague, Jonas Miller, suggested that she respond to the appointment confirmation email asking for her to be canceled, and within minutes, it was.

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