Pokemon Gen 9 doesn’t need two games

I know, I know – for 25 years numbered generations of Pokémon have been split into two individual games and changing that now would be a little strange. Red & Blue, Gold & Silver, Ruby & Sapphire… I’m not going to list them all because if you’re reading this, you probably already know them all. The point is, I’d like to think we’ve passed the infamous Pokemon generational split. If Gen 9 is really set to launch in late 2022, I hope more than anything that it will be a lonely main entry in the same vein as January’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Why do I want this? For several reasons, in fact. First of all, the version exclusives are rubbish. They made sense back in the days when everyone and their grandmother were playing Pokemon on the green, armed with link cables and dusty cartridges, but they are just plain frustrating in an age when the internet makes it easy to trade surprise worldwide. . I’m playing Pokemon Sword again right now and because I don’t know anyone who is currently playing Shield, I have been forced to face legions of hacked and illegal Pokemon in a vain attempt to possibly hopefully probably never get a Goomy. This is a joke.

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Sword & Shield also made the exclusivity factor of its story redundant. While I think box art legends are suitable for some previous games, the presence of Zacian and Zamazenta in the Gen 8 story is silly. I know N is rocking with the other Gen 5 dragon and other stories have featured all of the legendary owners of a given generation in the past, but the legendary alternate in your version decides he wants to hit Galar with Hop. ? I am an advocate of Hop and even I know it is ridiculous.


hop sword and shield

In addition to those two reasons, I think Gen 8’s decision to have alternate gyms in every game was a subtle recognition – or admission – to how pointless the entire two-pronged release schedule has become. . It was an unnecessary gimmick clearly designed to slightly differentiate two very similar games. I don’t mind that much with Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl given that they’re based on Diamond & Pearl, but also… I mean, we could have had Brilliant, Shining Platinum, right? What’s the difference apart from some poor quality of life grievances designed to ensure households spend money on more than one copy? I am 25 and my brother is 20 – we will hardly share. All you do is make us be very careful that we don’t accidentally buy the same. Whoopdeedoo.

I might feel like I’m moaning here – it’s probably because I am. Given how outdated version exclusives are, how redundant stories that try to span two games while limiting you to one are, and how Sword & Shield’s efforts to make their distinctions obvious are. obvious, it is clear that Game Freak is also aware of a need for change. At this point, I cannot for the life of me understand why he is so reluctant to act on this. Nostalgia? Tradition? Are there any secret sales statistics that I’m not aware of that unequivocally prove that an archaic marketing scheme is essential to the continued success of the world’s highest paying entertainment franchise?

Whatever the reason, I stand by my point. While I love Pokemon and am more excited about Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl at 25 than I was with the original Gen 4 games at ten, there comes a time when tradition has to give way to modernity. . If there’s one thing Sword & Shield makes clear as the day, it’s not that Pokemon is too easy, or Hop is bad, or Pokemon may never perform well like a real open-world game. This is because Pokemon no longer needs two games per generation – at least not two identical.

Basically Sword & Shield proves Pokemon needs to stop messing around with a formula as old as me. I don’t want Table and Chair Pokemon or Spaghetti Bolognese Pokemon. Give me Pokemon Spaghetti Bolognese and call it a day.

For what it’s worth, I don’t even like spaghetti bolognese – if I ask that, you better believe I’m serious.

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