Three-person KC software team builds $ 3.5 million insurance risk management application from scratch

A A New York-based insurance management startup recently closed a $ 3.5 million funding round for its new end-to-end platform, an app designed entirely by the Kansas City software developer. Binary noggin.

bowl, a Brooklyn-based construction-specific insurance management and tracking application, hired Binary Noggin earlier this year to develop its software. The startup closed a $ 3.5 million funding round in October, led by entrepreneurial venture capitalist Coelius Capital and global venture capital firm proptech MetaProp.

Billy with the Binary Noggin team

“Our software automates very manual processes – documents typically kept in drawers, folders and spreadsheets – and allows users to manage and track their insurance documents digitally and in one place,” Amos said. King, Founder and CEO of Binary Noggin. “I cannot congratulate Billy’s team enough, as their guidance and business acumen guided the project from day one. We are their technical counterpart, but the way Billy communicated his vision to us and to his clients has been a major factor in their success.

Click on here to learn more about Binary Noggin, a team of Kansas City software engineers and architects with expertise in Elixir, Ruby, Phoenix, Nerves, and other open source technologies.

Binary Noggin’s three-person team started building the billy software from scratch in February and saw its first paid user in early July, marking a blazing five-month development timeline, the company said. Binary Noggin has continued to work in and on the app alongside Billy as she grows her user base.

billy focuses on protecting construction and real estate companies, contractors and sub-contractors from risk by enabling users to request, verify, track and renew insurance certificates, keeping them accountable and compliant . Offered as an annual SaaS subscription, the software centralizes compliance requirements, aggregates existing assurance data, collects information from third-party vendors, and identifies gaps and potential savings.

“The service that Binary Noggin has provided to us is something that might otherwise have taken years to produce,” said Nyasha Gutsa, co-founder and CEO of billy. “We see them as part of our team. Thanks to their decades of experience and the passion they bring to a project, we have managed to create what is really important to our users, who are now also customers.

Click on here to learn more about Billy.

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